Spiritual Life at UPIKE

The University of Pikeville’s Office of Spiritual Life seeks to empower others to engage in their studies with passion while also serving the community with a servant’s heart.

“I believe that the role of Spiritual Life is to be gracious and hospitable to all beliefs, help shape spiritual formation, provide pastoral care, companionship with others in finding their life’s work, and create a network of community and global servants who seek to live out the social justice heart of Jesus.” – Rob Musick, UPIKE Chaplain

To reach Rob, or schedule a visit, please call (606) 218-5762 or email RobertMusick@upike.edu. UPIKE’s Chaplain coordinates spiritual life activities and programs on campus and is available for one-on-one or small group spiritual guidance.

Missions at UPIKE are centered on Jesus’ work in the world and are done in response to the call from him to reach out in love, service and partnership to all people.

As you prayerfully consider joining in the mission please know a few important things. Mission trips are the opposite of vacations. Missions are selfless-giving, hard work and cultural learning/appreciation. It’s also important to remember that when you travel to a new area, you are a guest. You should not expect to be totally comfortable at all times. Mission work pushes you out of your comfort zones. Often, we expect things to be comfortable and we live in a self-serving culture, but being on mission requires that we maintain an attitude of being a guest. Therefore, we are thankful for any food that is offered, the living conditions will be appreciated and we will joyfully participate in any/all activities our hosts deem appropriate for our time of service. During our mission trips, we always keep our eyes on Jesus, who is the chief servant.

You can join a compassionate mission trip during fall, winter, spring and summer breaks. Previous trip locations include:

  • Atlanta
  • Haiti
  • Mexico
  • Spirit Lake Reservation in Tokio, North Dakota
  • Washington, D.C.

The purpose of Convocation is to bring together the entire campus in a shared enriching event which allows us to be collectively challenged to explore the depths of God’s truth and love through the liberal arts. Convocation is led by a committee which seeks to enhance learning and scholarly activity by challenging students with issues of the day and providing meaningful community worship.

The Convocation series is held on Tuesdays at 11 a.m. in Booth Auditorium. The weekly convocation is the manifestation of UPIKE’s firm commitment to preparing students for the future through intellectual, cultural, religious and economic opportunities.

Baptist Campus Ministry

Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM) is a Baptist funded group for Christians and anyone who wants to develop a closer relationship with God, Jesus and other Christians. BCM meets regularly and everyone is welcome.

For more information, please contact the Director for BCM, Pastor Roger Combs at bcmupike@gmail.com.

Blessed Unity of God

Blessed Unity of God (BUG) is a Christian group dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and promoting Christian values and morals on UPIKE’s campus and the surrounding community.

What is it like to attend BUG? A BUG meeting is a great place to meet new people, make friends and grow in your faith. Typically, meetings consist of a time of singing and worship followed by a short talk given by a student. BUG also hosts game nights and other gatherings throughout the semester. Justin Harris, a UPIKE student, describes BUG as “a place that no matter what your beliefs are you are welcome.”

Meetings are held Monday’s at 8:30 p.m. in the Meditation Chapel, located on the 6th floor of the Record Memorial Building.

For more information, contact Shena Shepherd at sratliff@upike.edu.

Roman Catholic Mass

Mass is offered on campus by a local Roman Catholic priest. Attending Mass is a great way to learn more about Roman Catholic worship and experience a different form of Christian worship. For more information about spiritual life opportunities for Roman Catholic students, email Chaplain Rob Musick.

The UPIKE community is invited to attend this sacred gathering in the Meditation Chapel, located on the 6th floor of the Record Memorial Building on Wednesdays at noon.

Church of Latter Day Saints Bible Study

Join the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints missionaries in a study every Tuesday at noon in the Meditation Chapel inside the Record Memorial Building. For more information, email Chaplain Rob Musick at RobertMusick@upike.edu.


Join Dr. Cathy Rehmeyer for meditation on the 9th floor of the Coal Building on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. Or on Tuesdays at 4:30 p.m. with Professor Sumer Bingham in the Meditation Chapel.


Join Professor Sumer Bingham every Tuesday in the Meditation Chapel at 5 p.m. for Yoga. For more information, email SumerBingham@upike.edu.

Below is a short list of some of the many volunteer opportunities available for students. For a complete list or for more information, contact Chaplain Rob Musick at RobertMusick@upike.edu.

student painting playground during service day 2021