Student Safety

The University of Pikeville Public Safety Department is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for graduate and health professions students. We provide you with friendly and helpful officers and personalized services as we enforce the University’s rules and regulations.

  1. Building access and guidelines
    1. ID Card swipes are installed in both the Coal and Health Professions Education Buildings for the safety of students and staff. ID cards are used for entry to various floors, classrooms, and other learning spaces outside of normal operating hours.
    2. Campus buildings and learning spaces are open for students between the hours of 8 am – 5 pm, Monday-Friday and after hours for special events. ID Card access is required after hours for some floors and learning spaces. Access is provided to all graduate and health professions students for 24/7 access to learning spaces they need to use.
  2. Inclement weather and class cancellation/delay policy
  3. Parking
    1. Vehicle registration
    2. Lot restrictions
  4. UPIKE Public Safety contact information
  5. Sexual Assault Prevention (Title IX)
    1. Reporting link
  6. CARE Team reporting form link

Student Accessibility

Graduate and professional programs at the University of Pikeville ensure equal opportunity and access for all members of the university community. While working toward the goal of full inclusion, some programs have functional standards required to complete the course of study. All reasonable accommodations will be provided on an individual basis.

  1. ADA/Accommodation process & Reasonable Accommodations
  2. Functional Standards
    1. Osteopathic Medicine
    2. Optometry
  3. ADA Coordinator

Student Spiritual Life

The Office of Graduate and Health Professions Student Affairs is committed to the spiritual growth and support of our diverse student body. Recognizing the importance of spiritual wellness to the success of our students, we provide a wide variety of activities and services meant to strengthen faith, promote self-awareness, and to expand our understanding. The University of Pikeville has a Chaplain on staff available to counsel and pray with our students, and our Spiritual Life Committee collaborates with the university and broader community to provide opportunities for worship, faith formation, spiritual support, interfaith dialogue and community outreach.

  1. Campus worship opportunities
  2. Convocation series
    1. Interfaith/ecumenical topics/interests
    2. Link to Convocation Series calendar
  3. Pastoral Care
    1. UPIKE Chaplain
    2. Ecumenical/Interfaith clergy rotations per semester
  4. Spiritual Wellness
    1. Prayer
    2. Meditation & solitude
    3. Service
    4. Study
    5. Community
  5. Prayer/meditation room and chapel facilities
  6. Local organization contacts/links
  7. Link to spiritual life page