Student Wellness

The University of Pikeville is committed to the wellness of all members of our university community, and the student affairs office maintains the following resources to help you thrive.

  • Student Assistance Program: The University partners with Humana to provide 24/7 access to mental health support services including substance abuse help through our student assistance program. Graduate and Health Professions Students may use this service anywhere in the US, including your clinical rotation sites, externship sites or in your hometown. You may access this service through Username and password information is provided through the GHPSA Office.
    • Fitness. Graduate and Health Professions students are provided with a reduced membership rate with the local YMCA, are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of intramural sports, and are surrounded by some of the best outdoor activities with recreational opportunities at Bob Amos Park in Pikeville and Breaks Interstate Park in Breaks, VA.
    • Intramural Sports
    • KYCOM Fit is a student-led wellness initiative that uses social media and prize drawings to promote healthy living.
    • Outdoor recreation
      1. Bob Amos Park
      2. Breaks Interstate Park
      3. City walking map