Institutional Scholarships

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To be accepted into UPIKE, you must submit a completed application for admission as well as your high school/college transcripts and appropriate scores.

In order to qualify for financial aid, you are also required to complete the FAFSA (as soon after October 1 as possible). Students will be required to complete a new FAFSA each year.

UPIKE may offer a need-based adjustment to those Kentucky resident students who are not Pell eligible.

If you are an incoming transfer student with fewer than 12 credits, you will be granted a scholarship based on your highest score and high school grade point average. If you are a transfer student with more than 12 credits, you will be granted a scholarship based on your college GPA.

Athletic scholarships are in addition to academic scholarships and are determined by the coach of each sport.

Scholarships are available up to eight semesters of undergraduate study.

Some institutional scholarships cannot be stacked with other awards.

Scholarship Purpose:

The purpose of the fund is to assist with student retention by partially filling the financial gap needed so as to allow a student who has finished a school semester still owing any required balance to enroll in the following semester and/or to graduate, and to receive an award up to eighty (80%) of their outstanding balance.

The maximum award shall not exceed the sum of $4,000 in any one-calendar school year.

Scholarship Criteria
1. Undergraduate students shall be given priority as recipients of this scholarship.
2. Student must be in good academic standing with the University.
3. Student must express a commitment to enroll in the following semester and/or to graduate from the University of Pikeville.
4. Students must certify that they have applied for all other scholarships available through the University before receiving this scholarship aid.
5. The scholarship award shall remain with the University to be applied to any outstanding cost of typical tuition, room, board, and/or textbooks.

Application Form!
Deadline – Fall – September 15, Spring – Feb 15

GPA + ACT = Your Scholarship Award

Find your high school GPA and your standardized ACT score on the chart below. Combine those two numbers and that is your scholarship award made annually for the next four years.

GPA Amount
3.75 and above $6,000
3.5-3.74 $5,000
3.0-3.49 $3,500
2.75-2.99   $2,500
2.74 and below    $2,000


ACT   Amount
25 and above $2,000
21-24      $1,500
Less than 21 $500
Cumulative Transfer GPA Amount
3.25 and above $7,000
3.249 and below $3,500

*These costs are not comprehensive and do not include the cost of supplies, fees and other personal expenses. Based on a shared room and standard meal plan.

UPIKE will give five Legacy Awards to students entering in the fall semester who have an immediate family member who has graduated from Pikeville College/UPIKE. Each award will be $3,000 a year and is renewable for four years.

Application Form!
Deadline of February 1st, each year

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements Award Amount
*Governor’s Scholar Completion of program $3,200
*Rogers’ Scholar    Completion of program $3,200
*UPIKE Dual Credit Program Completion of five hours
with “B” or better average
Athletic Scholarships Athletic talent   Amounts Vary
Organizational Scholarship
Band, Choir, Academic Team
Audition/Interview Amounts Vary
*Optometry Scholars Program Scholarship Admitted to program $3,200
*Osteopathic Medical Scholars Program Scholarship Admitted to program $3,200
*Early College Academy Completion of program $3,200

*Freshmen only

Student may receive only one activity scholarship. 2020-2021 awards are subject to change. All UPIKE scholarships are based on full-time enrollment (12 or more credits per semester).

UPIKE’s Pikeville Promise is a full-coverage, four-year scholarship that places an emphasis on academics and financial need.

  • Apply (submit test scores and transcripts) and be admitted to UPIKE.
  • File the FAFSA as soon after October 1 as possible your senior year. Aid is awarded on a funds-available basis; some funds can deplete early.
  • Display full eligibility for Pell, CAP and KTG grants.
  • Be a Kentucky resident.
  • To keep the Pikeville Promise for four years, recipients must maintain the following standards:
    • Complete a minimum of 24 credit hours each year.
    • File the FAFSA.
    • Display full eligibility for Pell, CAP and KTG grants.

For more information, call (606) 218-5254 or toll-free at 1-866-BEARS00.

This full-ride scholarship will include room and board and is renewable for up to eight semesters or until the completion of a bachelor’s degree, as long as selected students meet renewal criteria.


  • Achieve a minimum high school GPA of 3.75
  • Receive an ACT score of 28 or higher or an SAT score of 1300 or higher
  • Complete 50 hours of documented community service, prior to high school graduation
  • Submit a personal statement to
  • Available to work 10 hours a week on campus while in school

A scholarship committee will review applications. In addition to ensuring that all applicants meet the required criteria, the committee will review the personal statements to establish a list of finalists. All finalists will be invited for an interview. Preference will be given to residents of Kentucky.

For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at or call (606) 218-5251.

The University of Pikeville Alumni Association Scholarship will be awarded each fall to one undergraduate student at the university. The student must have an immediate relative who is an alumna/alumnus of the University of Pikeville and meet the listed criteria.

Scholarship Criteria:
Preference is given to students with a 3.0 GPA or higher
Applicant must be a full-time student (complete 12+ hours per semester)
Applicant must be pursuing a four-year degree at the University of Pikeville
Applicant must have an immediate relative who is an alumna/alumnus of the University of Pikeville

Please note:
The recipient will receive up to $2,000 for one academic year ($1,000/semester)
A 3.0 GPA must be maintained during the fall semester or the scholarship will not be continued for the spring semester.
This is considered a one-time scholarship, however, past recipients can reapply each year.

Application Form!


Deadline – 8/1/2021

The Wells Family Scholarship was established in honor of Kelly and Shawne Wells. Scholarships are awarded annually to students from Pike County, KY, Rowan County, KY, Letcher County, KY, Floyd County, KY, Martin County, KY, Mingo County, WV and Maysville, KY. The scholarship is designed to be used for a new student to the university (Transfer or HS Graduate). This scholarship will help offset the student’s cost of tuition and/or room and board.

Application Form!

Application Deadline: April 15

For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at or call (606) 218-5251

kycom student with grad school student during mini med school

KYCOM Scholarships

The most commonly awarded scholarships are service commitment scholarships and specific state scholarships based on residency status. Information about these Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine scholarships can be found on the KYCOM scholarships page.

Outside Scholarships

Students need to be careful when applying for scholarships.  Some things to keep in mind:

If you receive offers for scholarship and financial aid services, research them carefully if a fee is involved. How do you know if the offer is questionable? Watch for this type of language:

  • “You’ve been selected…”
  • “You’re a finalist…”
  • “The scholarship is guaranteed or your money back.”
  • “May I have your credit card number or checking account routing number?”
  • “The scholarship will cost some money.”

Also check out for other tips when applying for scholarships.

**This third party scholarship opportunity has been posted for you as a convenience.  As such, said scholarship is not in any way under the control of University of Pikeville.  UPIKE is not responsible for, nor does it endorse any scholarships other than those offered by the university. Accordingly, UPIKE does not assume any responsibility or liability for the actions, product content/and or information of parties offering third party scholarships.**

NamewebsiteWho can applyAmountDeadline
Sallie Mae to allVariesNone
CFF Foundation Education Award to all$1,500 Quarterly
Mental Health Scholarship$1000Every fall and spring
Chairish Scholarship to all$2,500 1/1 and 6/30 every year
3lau everything scholarship$10,000 6/20/21
Dan Lok Givinghttp://danlokgiving.comOpen to all$10006/30/21
Fleming College Scholarship$10006/30/21
Scholarship for Future Entrepreneurs$5006/30/21
Elevate Black Entrepreneurs Scholarship undergraduate students$10006/30/21 and 12/31/21
Watermark Scholars Program in STEM programs$50007/15/21
WiseGeek Recent Immigrants Scholarship who have immigrated to the United States on or after 1/1/2010$5009/21/21
Looking Beyond to all$100011/19/21
Sarasota Dentistry Scholarship or grad$1,500 12/15/21
Trial Pro Scholarship and grad$5,000 1/15/22
Nancy Etz Scholarshiphttp://nancyetzscholarship.comOpen to all$10002/1/22