Office of Public Safety

The University of Pikeville Public Safety Department is dedicated to providing a safe, protected and organized environment. The safety of UPIKE students, faculty, staff and visitors is of primary importance. The University of Pikeville Public Safety Department seeks participation by all members of the University of Pikeville family in its efforts.

As a service organization, the department offers a full range of security resources, including preventative patrols (24 hours), criminal investigations, crime prevention, facilities security, special event services and parking management and enforcement.

Public Safety also serves the university community by providing safety analysis for the campus, hazard inspections and personal escorts. The Public Safety Department strives to ensure the safety of our university family by offering several interactive teaching sessions related to safety and security for students, faculty and staff.

Overall, the men and women of the University of Pikeville Public Safety Department believe in providing proactive crime prevention and prompt friendly service to the university community.

Our officers represent UPIKE proudly as a group of caring professionals, intent upon enhancing a friendly atmosphere. Necessary enforcement includes using alternatives to arrest when reasonable. Officers participating in athletic and special events ensure that all aspects of planning consider the safety and security of all participants. Officers provide professional crowd control and traffic regulation before, during and after such events.

University of Pikeville Parking Regulations

Revised fall 2019


Campus parking at the University of Pikeville is a privilege which entails certain responsibilities. It is the vehicle operator’s responsibility to know and abide by the University’s parking regulations as well as state and local laws. The following regulations have been established to ensure the proper maintenance, control, and use of all University parking facilities.

General Guidelines

(Note: These guidelines are in effect 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year including all holidays)

Vehicle Registration

The University of Pikeville requires that all vehicles parked on campus be registered with the University of Pikeville Public Safety Department. To register your vehicle, you must complete a vehicle registration form located in the Public Safety Department office. All vehicles must have a valid parking permit visible in the rear window at all times while parking on campus.

Parking on Campus

  1. The lots on upper campus are reserved 24 hours a day for “RESIDENT” permit holders ONLY. Commuter students and Faculty/Staff may utilize the lower HPE lot, the Parking Garage, and street parking.
  2. Within lots on campus are a few specific reserved spaces for staff members, handicap parking, Future Bear, etc. These individual spaces are clearly marked with “RESERVED” signs. Violators will be ticketed and/or towed.
  3. There are three spaces near the Condit Hall lot marked for Food Court customers. Employees and students may NOT use these spaces, they are reserved for non-campus affiliated people visiting the food court.
  4. All handicap parking on campus is reserved 24 hours a day for vehicles with a valid state-issued handicap parking placard. The placard must be displayed in the window and the owner of the placard must be present.
  5. The lot located behind Allara Library is reserved for fleet vehicles, vendor parking, and reserved parking for staff.
  6. The lot located behind Derianna Hall is designated for visitors and reserved parking. This lot is NOT be used by students (Resident or Commuter) or employees during business hours (Mon-Fri 7:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) These parking spaces are reserved for visitors who need short-term (one hour or less) parking.

Permit Guidelines

  1. Permits are issued on a graded basis. Grades are as follows:
  2. Original permit = Included in comprehensive fee
  3. Subsequent permits or replacement permit = $10
  4. All University of Pikeville resident student permits are valid for one year beginning July 1 and expiring on June 30 of the next year.
  5. Permits are issued under the following designations:
  6. Resident student parking (1 year expiration)
  7. Commuter student parking (1 year expiration)
  8. Faculty/Staff parking (No expiration)

III. Penalties

General Policies

  1. Vehicles without permits will be wheel-locked and/or towed at the owner’s expense.
  2. Illegally parking – even for a moment – may result in a ticket from University of Pikeville Public Safety Department or the Pikeville Police Department.
  3. If a vehicle is disabled, it is the responsibility of the operator to contact Public Safety PRIOR to receipt of any citation.
  4. All violations are the responsibility of the person registering the vehicle.
  5. Excessive violations will result in the loss of parking privileges.


List of Fines

  1. Disabled Parking $100
  2. Fire Lane $100
  3. Visitor Only $50
  4. Reserved Parking $50
  5. All other violations $20


  1. Fines are added to the account of the person registering the vehicle.
  2. Parking fines must be paid with cash, check, or credit card; they may not be deducted from scholarship or grant money.
  3. All Fines are paid in the business office located in the Administration Bldg.


  1. Towing/Immobilization

The following vehicles will be subject to immediate towing 24 hours a day 7 days a week:

  • Vehicles not authorized to park on University of Pikeville property (no permit).
  • Vehicles with excessive or egregious violations
  • Abandoned or disabled vehicles
  • Vehicles blocking sidewalks, entrances, or other vehicles

(Once the tow truck has been called towing fees will apply and are paid directly to the towing company)


  1. Parking appeals may be made in the UPIKE Public Safety Department before the next Parking Appeals Committee meeting, no exceptions.
  2. The University of Pikeville Parking Appeals Committee which meets twice a semester, once near mid terms and again the week before finals.
  3. The committee is comprised of the Chief of Public Safety or his designee (Chair) and members of the student judiciary committee.
  4. Appeals are not to be considered granted or denied until written notification is received from the committee.
  5. No person sitting on the committee can appeal his/her own citation. They may elect to designate someone to sit on the committee while their appeals are heard.
  6. The committee’s decision is final and cannot be appealed again.
  • How do I obtain a Parking Permit?

To obtain a parking permit, stop by the UPIKE Public Safety office located in the basement of Condit Hall. Bring your Student ID and vehicle information (license plate number, make, model, year and color). Fill out a Parking Permit Application. The first permit is free, and any subsequent permit is $10. Permits must be displayed on the rear window of the vehicle.

  • Where can I park?

Resident students (students who reside in campus housing) may park in the residential lots on campus. Commuter students may not park in the residential lots but may park in the Health Professions Education Building parking lot, the parking garage, gymnasium parking lot or on the streets surrounding campus.

  • What do I do if I receive a ticket from UPIKE Public Safety?

Tickets may be paid at the business office located on the ground floor of the Administration Building. It may take up to two weeks for a ticket to show up on an account. Tickets may also be paid by bringing the paper ticket into the business office before it shows up on an account. Wheel locks can only be removed when all tickets are paid in full.

To appeal a ticket, bring the ticket to the Public Safety Office to complete an appeal form. Appeals must be submitted before the next Appeal Committee meeting. The committee meets twice a semester, once near midterms, and once the week before finals. The committee will make a determination and the results will be emailed to the students UPIKE email address. The committee’s decision is final and cannot be appealed again.

The University of Pikeville facilities are readily accessible to students, faculty and staff during normal working hours. 

It is the University of Pikeville policy to lock the doors of buildings that are not in use. However, when working or studying in buildings after normal working hours, it is suggested that individual offices be locked, based upon the assumption that unrestrictive access to the building is possible. Residence halls have open access Sunday through Thursday between the hours of noon to midnight and noon to 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. During non-access hours, residence hall doors are locked, although instances of propped doors have occurred. Residents are encouraged to take security precautions in residence halls and rooms. Individual rooms should be locked at all times for safety.

The UPIKE lost and found is located at the Campus Safety Office. The department will maintain a database of items reported missing and crosscheck them with items submitted to lost and found. The identified owners will be notified immediately, and arrangements will be made to return the property. Any unidentifiable or unclaimed property will be held for three months.

Steps to take in the event of a medical emergency:

  1. Do not move the patient unless his or her life is in danger.
  2. Have someone stay with the patient until help arrives.
  3. If on campus, call Public Safety. If off campus dial 911. Tell them your name, your exact location and a brief description of the problem. Do not hang up until told to do so.
  4. Meet emergency personnel to guide them to the patient.

The following information is offered as a guideline to aid in determining what action should be taken in the event of severe weather.

  • Tornado Watch: This means conditions are such that storms capable of producing a tornado may develop.
  • Tornado Warning: This means that either a tornado has been sighted or it is highly probable that one will develop. Persons should seek immediate shelter in a basement or lower floor, interior corridors or interior rooms. If you are in an open area such as a gymnasium, auditorium or warehouse, go to the wall farthest from windows or glass, crouch down against the wall and protect your head with your arms. Stay away from windows and exterior doors.
  • Severe Thunderstorm Watch: Conditions are favorable for the development of severe thunderstorms in and close to the watch area.
  • Severe Thunderstorm Warning: Issued when a thunderstorm produces hail ¾ of an inch in diameter or larger and/or winds which equal or exceed 58 mph. Severe thunderstorms can result in the loss of life and/or property.
  • Flash Flood Watch: Indicates that flash flooding is possible in and close to the watch area. Those in the area are urged to be ready to take quick action if a flash flood warning is issued or flooding is observed.
  • Flash Flood Warning: Signifies a dangerous situation where rapid flooding of small rivers, streams, creeks or urban areas are imminent or already occurring.