THRIVE Counseling

UPIKE THRIVE Counseling Center provides short-term mental health services including personal counseling, group counseling, consultation and referrals. Services are free and confidential for all currently enrolled UPIKE students.

There is no question that distress levels have a major impact on our well-being. Competing demands, fiscal challenges, navigating transitions, relationships and previous life events require a great deal of emotional and cognitive energy. Moreover, the natural stress of these dimensions can quickly morph into distress which negatively impacts our health. Although distress can activate a whole range of mental health challenges, our resiliency is more potent than we realize.

The THRIVE Model identifies the six dimensions that cultivate our resiliency and optimizes our cognitive, emotional and physical functioning. The more we put our energy into these six THRIVE dimensions, the more effective we are and the more fulfilling we experience our life to be. The THRIVE Counseling Center at UPIKE focuses on assisting our students in cultivating this THRIVE template in their day-to-day choices and behaviors.

Our well-being goal is not simply to manage stress, but rather to optimize resiliency and fulfillment. Remember that we as human beings are going to put our energies into something – why not put those energies into what truly fosters our optimized self? Come THRIVE with us!

Meet our Counselor

Marty Green

Counselor, LCSW
(606) 218-HELP(4357)

With over 30 years’ experience in the field of mental health support, Marty Green most recently comes to the UPIKE family from Frontier Behavioral Health. He also spent 13 years with Purdue University in their counseling offices. Marty specializes in counseling adults, grief and bereavement, LGBT issues, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse. Marty specializes in a THRIVE model of mental health support and is available to see students. The best way to schedule an appointment with Marty is to email

THRIVE Counseling Center offers free and confidential short-term personal counseling, group counseling and consultation to any currently enrolled UPIKE student.

To schedule an appointment by phone, please call (606) 218-4357. During the call, someone will speak with you briefly to assess your basic concerns and your availability for scheduling an appointment.  You can also email martingreen@upike.eduor

If you are in a mental health emergency during standard hours of operation (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.), contact the Thrive Counseling Center at (606) 218-4357 or Public Safety at (606) 477-0262.

If you should experience a mental health emergency after normal office hours or during the weekend, contact Public Safety at (606) 477-0262 and they will notify one of our counselors who can assist with the situation. You may also contact the Mental Health Hotline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) or call 911.

All personal counseling services and medical records are strictly confidential. There are some limitations to confidentiality as mandated by law or professional ethical code. Your counselor can explain those limitations.

Faculty and staff who are seeking mental health services for themselves, family or friends may contact our office to receive referral information on providers in the community.

Mental health apps focus on protecting or improving mental health using methods including meditation, hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and providing a valuable support network.

Below is a list of a few free apps to help increase well-being.

The Thrive Counseling Center serves as a resource to faculty and staff by providing consultation, referral information and education on mental health topics.


Faculty and staff who are seeking mental health services for themselves, family or friends may contact our office to receive referral information on providers in the community.

Personal Counseling

THRIVE does provide personal counseling to university employees, only students. Employees may also use THRIVE counseling for a source of referral and then are encouraged to use their Employee Assistance Program Benefit through Humana by calling Human Resources at (606) 218-5346 or


Faculty and staff are often the first people who a student confides in. If you should have questions about how to be supportive to a student, how to effectively address an emotional/psychological issue with a student, or how to make a referral, the THRIVE Counseling Center staff can provide confidential consultation.

Outreach Education

If there is a mental health topic that you would like to address with students in your class, residence hall or organization, please contact THRIVE.

Common topics include: Addictions, stress management, healthy coping skills, cultural diversity, L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ ally training, self-esteem, positive body image, sexual assault prevention/healthy relationships and alcohol education.