University of Pikeville

Department of Public Safety

Available 24/7, please contact us below:

Upper Campus – Headquarters
Condit Hall Lower Level
125 Sycamore St Pikeville, Ky
(606) 218-5940 – Office
(606) 477-0262 – Cell

Lower Campus – Safety Station 2
Bears Tower Lobby
849 Hambley Blvd Pikeville, Ky
Office: 606-218-5940
Officer on duty: 606-477-0262

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The Department of Public Safety offers several crime prevention and safety programs for the campus community. These programs provide practical methods to reduce the risk of becoming the victim of a crime. If you or your organization would like to schedule a program, request a program schedule, or request a program not listed, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 606-218-5940 or


A.L.I.C.E. Training Program:

The University of Pikeville Department of Public Safety offers an active aggressor response program for our university, known as ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate). The program has received national praise and is presented by request to our campus community members.

Members of the UPIKE Department of Public Safety Leadership Team who are certified ALICE instructors present the training program.

During the training, attendees get an in-depth look into an active-shooter and aggressor situation while learning tactical advantages during an armed-intruder incident- learning easily applied strategies and concepts to take if faced with an armed assailant entering a building or classroom. 

If you have any questions, please email

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D) Training Program:

The University of Pikeville Department of Public Safety offers the Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) System to all female students and employees.

The four-part course begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, and progresses to the basics of hands-on defense training. Participants learn self-defense tactics and techniques.

This is a free course taught by the University of Pikeville Public Safety Officers and is offered several times a year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Educational Program:

Substance Abuse – This program is designed to prevent and delay the use of alcohol and other drugs as well as to minimize potential future harm from use.

Binge Drinking – This program is designed to change the social and community norms associated with underage and binge drinking.

Driving under the influence – This class teaches the current laws in the State as it applies to driving under the influence of Alcohol and/or drugs and the possible consequences of violating this law.


Bear Walk (Escort)

Bear Walk Escort Service provides additional security to the campus community. The team consists of uniformed student employees and full-time Public Safety officers who provide on-campus escorts for all students, faculty, and staff upon request. The Student Safety Assistants are equipped with Public Safety radios and have completed basic public safety training. Please contact Public Safety at 606-477-0262 to request an escort.

Operation Identification: Coming Summer 2023

Operation Identification is an engraving service for your valuables to deter thieves and to prove ownership should the article be stolen and recovered by law enforcement. Engravers are available at Public Safety Monday-Friday between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Operation identification (Operation ID) is a crime prevention program that encourages members of the UPIKE community to mark their property with an identifying number as a means of discouraging burglary and theft. It also provides police with a way to identify property should it be stolen and recovered. In communities where it has been properly implemented, Operation ID has shown dramatic results in burglary and theft reduction.

Marked property is difficult for a burglar to dispose of and it can be traced to the rightful owner with relative ease. If a burglar is caught with marked property, it is solid evidence of possession of stolen goods. After marking your property, make a list of your valuables, and keep a copy of the list in a safe place. If you should become a burglary victim, you will be able to quickly describe the stolen property from the list.


Write or engrave your valuables with your driver’s license number (do not use social security number) so your property can be easily identified as yours.

Write or engrave in two locations:
One that can easily be seen.
One that cannot easily be seen.


Register your property using the Operation ID Form

Complete an Operation ID Form so that if stolen you will have the necessary identifying information, such as serial numbers. Once you complete the Operation ID Form and submit it to UPIKE DPS this will be of great help to the police in their attempts to recover stolen possessions.

*Only items with original manufacturer’s serial number can be registered.

Vehicle Jump Starts

Each Public Safety vehicle has a jump start kit in the event your battery dies. This service is free of charge. To request a jump start, contact Public Safety at 606-477-0262. This service is only available on-campus or locations that are adjacent to campus property. Please note- the university does not accept liability for this service.

Vehicle Lock Outs

As a courtesy, each Public Safety vehicle has a lockout kit in the event you lock your keys inside your vehicle. This service is provided to students, employees, and visitors. To request a vehicle unlock, contact Public Safety at 606-477-0262. This service is only available on-campus or locations that are adjacent to campus property. Please note- the university does not accept liability for this service.

Lost and Found

The Department of Public Safety maintains Lost and Found property. Staff will attempt to locate the property owners of any found items, immediately. Any items not claimed within 30 days will be considered abandoned property and will be disposed of accordingly. Proper identification must be shown to retrieve any property.  Please note- any illegal items found will be properly disposed of immediately.