Move Mountains


UPIKE has a long history of defying expectations. However you may have viewed yourself, the Appalachian community or the world before setting foot on our campus, we will encourage, inspire or even dare you to believe in a whole new realm of possibilities.

“My time as a student at UPIKE has been transformative. The knowledge, confidence and connections I have developed will benefit me indefinitely. I am proud to be a Bear!"

Jada Hood / Lexington, KY / Biology


Free Textbooks

At UPIKE, we are in the business of helping students overcome any obstacle as they move forward to pursue their dreams.

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Born in Appalachia

UPIKE embodies the true spirit of the Appalachian region. Our grit and pride power our efforts to create opportunities for all types of learners. So come and see – there are more opportunities here than anyone could have ever imagined.

rafters on local river

Your New Playground

Eastern Kentucky is one of the most scenic spots in the nation. Our campus is built right into the beautiful Appalachian mountains. Hiking, boating, fishing, zip-lining and more are just minutes away. Trust us – you’ll love it here.


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