Report an Incident or Concern

These reporting forms are for non-emergency reporting only. If any person may be in danger, call 911 immediately. Reports will be reviewed within 1-2 business days of submission. Based on the type of report, you may be contacted for additional information (if you provide your name or contact information). Though anonymous reports are permitted, doing so may limit the university’s ability to investigate and/or respond.

Based on the type of report you submit, appropriate university staff will receive information. Once submitted, referrals are forwarded to the Case Manager and other select university services for review.  Depending on the urgency involved, a number of immediate actions may be taken. Once reviewed, a Case Manager will usually contact the person making the referral to learn additional information. This often happens within 24 hours of the referral. The Case Manager is generally interested in learning more about the student involved and any interventions that have already taken place.

Based on the information provided, a case manager may reach out to the student to establish a meeting time and discuss the concerns that have been raised. These meetings are generally non-confrontational and are designed to provide support and structure so the student involved can maximize his or her potential. Where appropriate, the Case Manager may assist the student by connecting him or her with appropriate resources on campus and helping the student to navigate the university’s policies and procedures. In rare situations involving a potential threat to other members of the university community, the student may be asked to participate in some additional assessment to ensure the safety of the campus community.

Not all referrals result in a face-to-face meeting with the student. In many situations, the Case Manager can and does provide consultation advice to the person making the referral to ensure that the student involved is connected to the appropriate resources on campus. When possible and appropriate, the Case Manager will provide an update to the person making the referral on the actions that have been taken. The amount of information that is able to be shared in any update is limited substantially by federal privacy laws (including FERPA).

Academic & Non-Academic Issues Complaint Form

Are you a member of the University of Pikeville community and not sure where to go for help? Do you have an issue or complaint with an individual or department on campus that you are not able to resolve? The University of Pikeville is committed to resolving complaints as efficiently and effectively as possible. Providing a mechanism for complaints to be heard gives the university an opportunity to improve services.

Submit an Academic & Non-Academic Issues Complaint Form