Welcome to our UPIKE family

The Center for Student Success team understands that the transition from high school to college can look a little different for each of our students. For some, managing time and asking for help when needed may come naturally, but that isn’t the case for everyone and that’s okay. Some students may feel a little overwhelmed in the first few weeks. They might miss home, have trouble balancing their commitments or feel confused about what major to choose.

Regardless of the type of student you are as you enter UPIKE, rest assured that our team is here to serve as a campus liaison and to provide you with academic advising throughout your first year at UPIKE. We are here to provide each student with Connections to the campus community, Solutions for common issues that arise for first-year students and guidance for academic and personal Success.

We are excited to talk with you about your academic, personal and career goals anytime, and we are happy to provide direction, support and comfort when needed the most. Call us. Message us. Drop in and see us. We look forward to the opportunity to walk alongside you during your journey toward graduation.

Best wishes,

The Center for Student Success Team


First-Year Advising

The Center for Student Success (CSS) advises all incoming first-year students throughout their first year at UPIKE. First-time students are introduced to the CSS as part of the orientation and registration process. The CSS team works diligently to connect with incoming students before, during and following GROWL sessions, and then helps students navigate college life once they arrive on campus in August. If you’re a first-year student, the CSS can help you choose a major or minor, make appropriate course selections during registration periods and set and accomplish your own individual academic plan.

What’s Up Wednesday

On select Wednesday nights, CSS and the Office of Student Activities collaborate to provide home-cooked meals and comfort food to UPIKE students in an informal, encouraging environment to make you feel at ease so you can discuss problems with your peers, especially problems frequently encountered by college students, such as homesickness, roommate issues and study skills or test anxiety. This event also serves as a means to foster interaction and a sense of community between peers who may not normally have the opportunity to connect.


Student Success Learning Lab

The Center for Student Success Learning Lab is a multi-purpose, quiet study area on the second floor of the Administration Building featuring 10 computers, two collaboration spaces, a lounge area with soft seating and moveable tables and chairs that can be configured to accommodate study groups or presentation practices. In addition, CSS hosts informal social gatherings where first-year students are able to meet and talk with program advisors in the various majors offered at UPIKE.

Motivational Mondays

Motivational Mondays are a series of workshops about skills and opportunities that can help you be more successful in college. Motivational Mondays are held in the Student Success Learning Lab on the second floor of the Administration Building (ADM 213) beginning at 4:15 p.m. and typically last 20-35 minutes. They are also broadcast live on the CSS Facebook page.

Academic Recovery

CSS serves as a resource center for all students who are currently not in good academic standing at UPIKE (cumulative GPA is below 2.0 or admitted to the university on academic probation). As part of the program, students attend an Academic Recovery orientation during the first week of classes following the semester they were placed on academic probation, attend face-to-face bi-weekly meetings and complete quarterly academic progress checks to ensure that students have access to available campus resources as needed.

Two common areas often struggled with by students who have been placed on academic probation are time management and how to use appropriate, college-level reading and study skills. All members of the CSS team are available for guidance and instruction on managing time efficiently and developing good study habits.


The Center for Student Success (CSS) serves as the initial point of contact and referral for students with academic, social or financial needs. The CSS can help you by providing connections to resources and support services on campus, as well as within the greater Pikeville community. The connections created through the CSS will assist with your transition to university life and guide you to solutions for difficulties you may encounter in your first year. Connecting you with UPIKE faculty, staff and resources while assisting with providing solutions will help you achieve academic and personal success.

Guiding Principles of Student Success Advisors:

  • Apply a solution-orientated strategy to strengthen students’ connections to the university and encourage academic and personal growth.
  • Create connections between students and student support services on campus.
  • Promote freedom of choice in academic planning.
  • Represent the University of Pikeville in a positive and professional manner.
  • Teach students to take ownership for academic progress.
  • Utilize an array of methods to provide assigned students with timely communication, including but not limited to email, social media, phone, text and face-to-face meetings.