Are you struggling with your classes or skills like time management, study skills, etc. that are vital in college? That’s normal! Many students struggle with certain subject areas, how to build a solid study guide, presenting to a group, or proofreading a paper before submitting. When that happens, getting help as soon as possible is important because once you fall behind, getting caught up can be very difficult. That’s why the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) is here to support you – supporting student success is our mission! 

We are dedicated to helping students achieve their highest academic potential by building on strengths that will enable to them to become independent learners. We are committed to providing services based on the principles of integrity, respect and collaboration, and supporting learning in a friendly and engaging environment.  

Come see us in the Center on the ground floor of the Allara Library! Services are free to currently enrolled University of Pikeville students. 

Connect with us on: 

Twitter: @ UPIKECAE 

Facebook: University of Pikeville Center for Academic Excellence 

Instagram: @ UPIKECAE 

Services Offered


Tutoring services are provided by current UPIKE students who are certified through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) and have proven their qualifications in their designated content area. Tutors work both one-on-one and in group settings with students. 

The CAE also provides 24/7 access to resources in the “Student Success” Canvas page.



Study Hall is designed to assist all new student-athletes.  

  • First-year students, transfers, and returning student-athletes with a cumulative GPA (CGPA) of 2.99 and 2.5* must complete 6 hours of Study Hall weekly.  
  • Returning student-athletes whose CGPA is from 2.8 to 3.0* must complete 2 hours of Study Hall weekly.  
  • Returning student-athletes whose CGPA is from 2.5 to 2.8* must complete 4 hours of Study Hall weekly. 


Returning student-athletes with a CGPA from 2.2 to 2.5* must complete Study Hall+.  

  • Student-athletes must complete 6 hours of Study Hall with required individual tutoring sessions for at least one class weekly.  
  • Academic tutors must report each scheduled tutoring session to the CAE’s Athletic Coordinator. 

MAP PLAN (My Academic Plan) 

Returning student-athletes whose CGPA is below 2.2* are required to complete an individualized plan.  

  • Student-athletes must complete at least 6 hours in the CAE by scheduling weekly individual tutoring sessions for each class and regular meetings with the Athletic Coordinator. 

*Athletic Support Services can change student-athlete Study Hall requirements at the request of the coach and capacity of the CAE   


The CAE serves as a resource for all students who are currently not in “good academic standing” at UPIKE (cumulative GPA is below a 2.0 or admitted to the university on academic probation). The CAE is here to partner with students as they work toward improving their academic progress and to help build resiliency when faced with challenges.   

As part of the program, students are provided 24/7 access to a resource hub in the “Steps to Success” Canvas page, where they will complete an Academic Recovery Orientation and Agreement during the first week of classes following the semester they were placed on academic probation. CAE Staff then partner with students, who are expected to attend regular meetings and complete regular progress checks, throughout the semester.  

CRLA Certification

The CAE was awarded certification from the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). The process involved analyzing what was already being done and designing future training that meets the high standards for peer tutors held by the CRLA. Having a national organization evaluate our operations and deem them worthy of certification is both gratifying and motivating. As a certified CRLA member, the CAE consistently updates and revises tutoring methods in line with current best practices and CRLA professional standards.