KYCOM students are expected to conduct themselves professionally and ethically. All members of the KYCOM community are obligated to maintain the highest standards of integrity with regard to personal and professional conduct. Additional information regarding professionalism can be found in the KYCOM Student Handbook.

Professionalism standards at KYCOM are upheld by the Student Ethics Council, KYCOM Student Affairs office, and the Professional Conduct & Ethics Committee.


Civility is a core component of professionalism. KYCOM prioritizes civility to promote the pursuit of shared ideas, effective communication, inclusivity, social responsibly and community engagement. This includes engaging appropriate interpersonal communication, authentic leadership and empowerment. Incivility has a negative impact on the well-being of others and interferes with the educational environment.

Dress Code

All KYCOM students are expected to dress in a manner the conveys respect and professionalism. Students should refer to the KYCOM Student Handbook for more information regarding the Dress Code.


All KYCOM students are expected to arrive at lectures, practicals, and other scheduled activities on time. Excused absences must be requested in advance using the Excused Absence Form. If you experience an emergency, please contact the KYCOM Student Affairs office at (606) 218-5400.

Social Media and Email Etiquette

KYCOM students are expected to adhere to standards of professionalism and abide by applicable laws, policies, and rules that govern privacy (e.g., HIPPA). No video documentation of clinical and/or educational events is permitted without prior consent. Activity on social media is subject to the UPIKE Code of Conduct.

Abusive or insensitive language in an email is an inappropriate use of computing resources. Use of electronic means to send harassing, obscene, profane, intimidating or unlawful messages is prohibited. It is the student’s responsibility to check, read and respond to official communication from UPIKE and KYCOM.

Student Ethics Council (SEC)

The KYCOM Student Ethics Council oversees and facilitates student adherence to professional conduct principles. This SEC has authority to investigate and sanction students for violations of these principles. More information about the SEC is found in the KYCOM Student Handbook.


The KYCOM PC&E Committee addresses student conduct that violates standards of professionalism and KYCOM/University policies. More information about the PC&E Committee can be found in the KYCOM Student Handbook and the UPIKE Student Code of Conduct.