OMT Clinic

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The KYCOM Community OMT Clinic provides osteopathic manipulative treatment free of charge to members of the campus and local community. Treatments are performed by students and predoctoral teaching fellows under the supervision of KYCOM faculty osteopathic physicians. Osteopathic physicians are fully trained and licensed physicians who are taught to view a patient’s health through the lens of the musculoskeletal system and the overall body structure.

D.O.s learn to examine the body for evidence of restriction and pain that could be impacting function. They address these problems through various manipulative techniques, which are selected based on each patient’s individual situation.

Common problems seen at the clinic include back, neck, and joint pain and headaches, but OMT can also help the body deal with other issues such as asthma and sinus problems, amongst many other complaints.

Because the clinic is designed for the education of students, there are only limited hours available, but this free service can offer significant relief to patients with many different concerns.

The KYCOM OMT Clinic is located on the campus on the University of Pikeville in the Coal Building at:
748 Hambley Blvd,
Pikeville, KY 41501

Parking is available in the parking garage adjacent to the Coal Building or on the street. There is no parking allowed in front of the Coal Building at any time.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call the clinic at (606) 218-5398.

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med student in clinic
med student practicing omt techniques
med student in clinic

Fellowship program:

The Predoctoral Fellowship Program in the Departments of Osteopathic Principles and Practice (OPP) and Anatomy is a 12-month program designed to expand the educational opportunities for selected students with guided learning experiences in the areas of medical education, research, Anatomy and OPP, while they assist in all phases of the departments’ operations. 

They assist in lecturing, teaching practical skills in both the Anatomy and OPP labs, and counseling the first- and second-year students.  During the on-campus year, the Predoctoral Fellow is also encouraged to develop or participate in research projects with the assistance of the biomedical science and/or clinical faculties.

In addition, they have the opportunity to provide clinical services under the supervision of faculty members. Four students are selected from each class, and they serve in their fellowship during their clinical rotation training after the first two years on campus.

KYCOM OMT Fellows:

Information for this years OMT Fellows coming soon!