Faculty Development

The University of Pikeville, Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine (UPIKE-KYCOM) recognizes the value of continuing development of faculty. KYCOM provides funding for faculty to attend seminars, conferences, and job-related professional organization meetings as well as funding for professional licenses and/or certification renewals including fees associated with certification/recertification exams. The faculty development program also includes the cost of membership in one professional society and a subscription to one professional publication. Annual retreats are held to provide updates to faculty policy and procedure, literature in the field, curriculum delivery and the knowledge and understanding of osteopathic philosophy and principles for D.O. and non-D.O. faculty.

Included in annual reviews, a professional plan is developed for each faculty member.  In consultation with the appropriate Associate Dean, faculty may be charged with attending training to improve computer/software skills, updating or improving lecture notes or presentations, or improving public speaking skills. In addition, faculty may be charged with attending educational opportunities offered off campus, attending and presenting at scientific meetings, publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals, and increasing service efforts to the college. The specific charges depend on the specific need of each faculty member.

With the increase in students, every effort will be made to ensure the continued quality of faculty support. With the advent of a faculty position dedicated to on-going development, additional opportunities for increased effectiveness will be assessed on an on-going basis.

Development activities may be experienced in the following venues:

  • Exploratory visits to other programs
  • Individual contributions to knowledge in the respective disciplines
  • Opportunities to engage in collaborative research
  • Panels on new developments in the field
  • Presentations on teaching effectiveness
  • Sessions addressing preceptor needs
  • Webinars on topics related to science and clinical skills
  • Workshops on advising, interpersonal communication and other topics related to collegial and faculty-student relationships
  • Workshops on instructional technologies

The purpose of the KYCOM Faculty Development Program is to enhance the delivery of osteopathic medical education. Most scientists and physicians in the college have received limited training on teaching effectiveness and how to advise medical students. KYCOM will create customized learning opportunities that are designed to improve the delivery of education programs and services and effectively foster learning by medical students in the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) program.