Kentucky College of Optometry residency program welcomes new graduates

Three new optometrists were recently matched to pursue post-graduate training and education with one of Kentucky College of Optometry’s (KYCO) affiliated residency programs. 

The residency program at KYCO admits the best qualified post-graduate optometrists and provides them with advanced clinical and concentrated clinical experience in specialty areas of optometry. This additional educational experience allows the new graduate to truly master clinical competency, far beyond the realm of the standard four-year optometric program. 

KYCO provides post-graduate training at the affiliated residency programs, including an in-house resident at KYCO, Huffman and Huffman Eye Care located in London, Ky., and Milan Eye Center located Cumming, Ga.

The optometrists from the Class of 2022 pursuing KYCO-affiliated residencies for the next year are as follows: Brittany Varney, O.D., matched with KYCO Primary Care with an emphasis in ocular disease; Mia Taylor, O.D., matched with Huffman & Huffman Eye Care for ocular disease; Jennifer Yin, O.D., matched with Milan Eye Center for ocular disease with an emphasis in anterior segment. 

Assistant Professor of Optometry Ryan Kern, O.D., FAAO, is happy to continue training residents who will practice on the cutting edge of optometry during their residency and is proud that the KYCO Class of 2022 valedictorian, Brittany Varney, O.D., will serve as the in-house resident.

“Dr. Varney has a personality that is equally as wonderful as her intelligence. KYCO knows that she will provide excellent care for patients under the guidance of our faculty,” said Kern. “Residency remains the essential training modality to ensure optimal patient care in an evolving profession with ample opportunities. All the residents will be fully confident in their independence by the completion of the program.” 

Varney is honored to have been selected as the in-house resident at KYCO.

“I am excited and blessed with the opportunity to be the next resident at KYCO and PMC,” said Varney. “Another year of specialized training with an emphasis on ocular disease will greatly serve the needs of my patients, both present and future.”

Jennifer Yin, O.D., is excited about the opportunity to learn under the doctors at the Milan Eye Center. 

“I am super excited for the opportunity to improve my knowledge and confidence in the ocular disease/anterior segment under the doctors at the Milan Eye Center,” said Yin. “Ultimately, I hope to be an optometrist that can provide optimal care to my patients through the knowledge I gain from this experience.”

Mia Taylor, O.D., is looking forward to serving the rural communities of Kentucky. 

“I am greatly looking forward to serving the rural communities of Kentucky over the course of this next year. I chose this residency because of the spectacular doctors, staff, and the variety of patient care modalities that will enhance my learning experience as a practicing optometrist,” said Taylor.“I have a passion for ocular disease and for specialty contact lenses, and I am excited to pursue those passions further with Huffman & Huffman.”

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