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Office Hours:
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Undergraduate / Master’s

The University of Pikeville has traditionally held its annual commencement ceremony in May. Students who complete degree requirements in the fall, spring or summer (within 12 hours) are eligible to participate with proper paperwork filed in the Registrar’s Office.

Plans are underway for a second commencement ceremony to be held in December.  Details will be provided as they become available.

Graduation Application Process

Step 1
Apply online using Student Planning (; then select Graduation Overview

Step 2
Complete and submit application

Step 3
Pay required fee with credit card or draft from checking account.

Step 1
Meet with advisor to review academic program evaluation.  If evaluation indicates requirements are or will be met by the deadline, the evaluation should be signed by the advisor and the student.

Step 2
Pay graduation fee to the Business Office

Step 3
Bring the paid graduation receipt received from the Business Office and the signed academic program evaluation to the Registrar’s Office by the deadline listed on the Academic Calendar. The Application for Degree should then be completed and the academic program evaluation should be reviewed by a member of the registrar’s office.

Step 4
The cap and gown (tassel included) should be ordered through the University Bookstore no later than March 1 from the following link:


Note: Students planning to graduate in Summer must have a plan to complete coursework (maximum of 12 hours) in order to file for graduation. Students must see their academic advisor to discuss and plan courses to meet degree requirements and submit to the Registrar’s Office.

Graduation fees are non-refundable and must be paid prior to filing for graduation.

The graduation fee is:

Undergraduate: $100.00
Graduate: $250.00The graduation fee helps cover the costs of the student’s regalia (cap, gown, and tassel), diploma, diploma cover and senior assessments.

Spring Semester & Summer 2020

February 14

  • Last day to file for graduation in the Registrar’s Office with completed paperwork and proof of payment
  • Deadline for student’s name to appear in the commencement program
  • Deadline for students to be guaranteed to have a seat reserved for the commencement ceremony

Fall Semester 2020

September 30

  • Last day to file for graduation in the Registrar’s Office with completed paperwork and proof of payment
  • Deadline for student’s name to appear in the commencement program
  • Deadline for students to be guaranteed to have a seat reserved for the commencement ceremony

If you are applying after the deadline, please note that your name may not appear in the program.

Successful completion of all institutional and department assessment exams is a graduation requirement for students receiving a bachelor’s or Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The university’s accrediting agencies require institutions to assess their programs. UPIKE uses feedback from nationally-normed assessments to improve courses and programs. Students can use individual scores to support application for graduate/professional school, employment, scholarships or personal improvement.

Undergraduate Institutional Assessment Exam

ETS (Educational Testing Service) Proficiency Profile (36 questions, online-proctored exam times for 40 minutes covering natural sciences, social sciences and humanities).


Undergraduate Departmental Assessment Exam

MFT (Major Field Test) – A two-hour, in-depth online proctored assessment that covers all aspects of the major field, MFT is required for biology, business, chemistry, criminal justice, English, mathematics, psychology and sociology.

These online-proctored assessments are administered on campus in March/April and October/November. Candidates for graduation will be contacted by email outlining dates, times and locations.

 Graduate Departmental Assessments

MFT (Major Field Test) – A three-hour, in-depth online proctored assessment covering all aspects of the major field. MFT is required of all MBA students.

Candidates for graduation will be contacted by email outlining time frame for completion.

Your best effort can provide an accurate assessment of your achievement.

Grad Fair

Grad Fair is a one-stop shop event hosted by the Registrar’s Office in March of each year so that students can obtain everything they need for May commencement and connect with important resources.
At Grad Fair, degree candidates can:
·       Pick up cap, gown, and tassel (If ordered by March 1)
·       Purchase graduation announcements
·       Order a diploma frame
·       Visit with UPIKE Alumni Association
·       Take cap and gown graduation photos (extra cost)
·       Complete Student Loan Exit Interviews with Student Financial Services
·       ACE students can complete Exit Interview and confirm ACE Dinner reservations
·       Discuss Exit Exam 
·       Complete Exit Surveys
After Grad Fair, students can visit the UPIKE Bookstore during regular business hours for their commencement needs.

Pre-Graduation Resources

Before you embark on a new journey in your life, you must consider the best approach to make this journey a success.

If you received Federal Direct Loans while at UPIKE and have not completed the Exit Counseling, this procedure must be finished immediately.  Not only does this process inform the Department of Education of your departure from UPIKE, it has valuable information regarding the loan amount, grace period, loan consolidation, deferment and forbearance options, and loan repayment plans. You can access all this information at  Also, is another valuable site to retrieve the name, address, and telephone number of your servicer.

You may be contacted by Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) regarding your student loans. UPIKE has partnered with KHEAA to assist students with help in all loan processes to ensure your future success.  Please do not hesitate to accept this support!

Always remember that the Student Financial Services Office staff is here to assist you in the event of any problems that may arise with this process.

During the first week in October (December graduates) or March (May graduates), you will receive a welcome email from Dr. Sidle, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, that will let you know that you have been “registered” in Canvas for the Senior Assessment course. You will then be able to begin completing the assessments at your leisure, but no later than the day before the respective graduation ceremony.

There are five (5) surveys that you need to complete before you are allowed to receive your degree. Again, these are all set up in a special course on CANVAS. While you don’t have to complete them all at the same time, once you have started a particular instrument, you will need to finish it in that sitting. The topics include:

  • Quantitative Literacy (15 minutes)
  • General Learning Outcomes (9 minutes)
  • Task and Lifestyle Development (30 minutes)
  • Ethical Awareness (5 minutes)
  • Academic Advisor Satisfaction (3 minutes)

Completion of these surveys are immensely important to the faculty and administration at the university. Why? Because as an institution of higher education, we, too, are graded by what our graduates can do, how they think, and their opinions. We use the information from these five surveys to:

  • Improve the curriculum students take
  • Improve student in-class and out-of-class experiences
  • Improve academic advising students receive
  • Make UPIKE the leading University in Central Appalachia

If you have any questions, you may contact Dr. Sidle at (606) 218-5290 or

Eligibility for honors for the May commencement ceremony will be based on completion of coursework at the University of Pikeville up to March 1. Once final grades for the spring/summer semester are reported to the Registrar’s Office, the official standing will be recorded on the academic transcript.

Honors are based on the cumulative grade point average for performance at the University of Pikeville. A minimum of 60 semester hours for the baccalaureate degree and 30 semester hours for the associate degree must have been completed at the University of Pikeville for honors consideration.

Students earning honors wear a cord at commencement at no cost to them. Honor cords are distributed to only those students participating in the actual ceremony on the day of commencement during line-up.

Students who have a scholastic standing of 3.5 or higher are eligible to graduate with honors in the categories listed below:

Baccalaureate Degrees

  • Cum Laude: The degree will be awarded cum laude to candidates who have a grade point average of 3.50 ‑ 3.69.
  • Magna Cum Laude: The degree will be awarded magna cum laude to candidates who have a grade point average of 3.70 ‑ 3.84.
  • Summa Cum Laude: The degree will be awarded summa cum laude to candidates who have a grade point average of 3.85 ‑ 4.00.

Associate Degrees

  • Honors: The degree will be awarded with honors to candidates who have a grade point average of 3.50 ‑ 3.75
  • High Honors: The degree will be awarded with high honors to candidates who have a grade point average of 3.76 ‑ 4.00

Graduation Awards

The Dr. W.C. Condit Award, established in 1909, is presented each year to the member of the graduating class who has achieved the highest scholastic standing throughout their entire college career.

The Margaret E. Record Award is presented to the member of the graduating class who has achieved the second highest standing.

Each award requires the graduate to have taken at least 96 semester hours toward graduation at University of Pikeville.

As you approach graduation please consult with the staff at Allara Library about your library account. Any items currently checked out or any fines owed on your library account can result in a library hold being placed on your permanent student account. Library holds can result in failure to receive transcripts and diplomas.

Allara Library is hosting a Fine-Free Event:

Spring 2020 Semester: April 13 – May 1

This event allows students to return materials that may be overdue or have been lost. If all items on your library account are returned all fines are waived, and your library account will be in good standing. If you have misplaced the items, we encourage you to please speak with us.

If you have further questions please contact Elisha Taylor at (606) 218-5607 or You may also visit the circulation desk on the main floor of Allara and speak with a staff member.

Day of Commencement

A cap, gown, and tassel are the official regalia worn by all candidates at the commencement ceremony.

You are responsible for ordering your cap and gown (tassel included) through the University Bookstore no later than March 1 (for May Commencement) from the following link:

  • Iron or steam your gown. Use a very low heat setting or ask a dry cleaner to steam it for you.
  • To ensure that your cap and gown fit properly, be sure to try them on before graduation day. Please try the gown while you are in both a seated and standing position to ensure your comfort throughout the ceremony.
  • For the May commencement, candidates for undergraduate degrees will be walking from the top of “The 99” to the Appalachian Wireless Arena. This should be considered when choosing the shoes and outfit that will be worn under the graduation gown. If there are any questions concerning appropriate attire, please contact the Registrar’s Office.
  • Men are to remove caps during prayer and presentation of colors.
  • Tassels are to be worn on the right side of your cap until you are asked to move them to the left side by the president upon degree conferral.

PLEASE do not chew gum!!!!

You will proceed to the hooding station to receive your hood from a representative from the Coleman College of Business or Patton College of Education who will place the hood over your head and around your neck.

Commencement Spring Schedule


Saturday, May 2, 2020
Appalachian Wireless Arena
2 p.m.


On the day of commencement, candidates for undergraduate degrees are to report to the Benefactor’s Plaza area (near the top of the “The 99) at 12:45 p.m. Candidates for graduate degrees are to report directly to the Appalachian Wireless Arena one hour (1 p.m.) before the ceremony begins.

Candidates should arrive dressed in their regalia and report to a check-in table for line-up instructions for the procession. The ceremony begins on time, barring extenuating circumstances, so please arrive and line up on time. Once you have found your place in the line-up, please refrain from leaving or roaming.

Please refrain from carrying in personal items as there is nowhere to store them and they detract from the processional and ceremony. (No bags, purses, backpacks, purses, food, et cetera.) The University of Pikeville, nor the Appalachian Wireless Arena, will be held responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Additional Information

Regalia (cap, gown, and tassel) is included in the graduation fee. You are responsible for ordering your cap and gown (tassel included) through the University Bookstore from the following link:

A cap, gown, and tassel are the official regalia that must be worn at commencement by all candidates.

You are allowed to wear honor society cords and stoles.

You may decorate your cap, but please use discretion and good judgment. If the wording or decorations are offensive, you will not be allowed to wear the cap and it will be confiscated.


Diploma frames are available for purchase at University Bookstore or online at

What name appears on my Diploma?

You indicate how you want your name to be printed on your diploma when you apply for graduation. The same name will be printed in the commencement program.

What else is on my Diploma?

Undergraduate and graduate diplomas display your name, degree, and year of graduation. The major(s), minor(s) (if applicable), honors (if applicable), and date of graduation will be on your official transcript.

When will I receive my Diploma?

Diplomas will be mailed to the address given during the application process 45 days from the end of the semester/term, provided you have completed all degree requirements (including Exit Exam and Surveys), have no outstanding financial obligation to UPIKE, and have no overdue Library materials or other obligations outstanding. If any of the aforementioned exists, a student will not receive a diploma until the balance is zero.

What if my address and telephone number changes?

Keeping UPIKE informed of any address and/or telephone number changes is important. Contact the Registrar’s Office by either emailing or by calling (606) 218-5260.

What happens if I have an outstanding financial obligation to UPIKE?

Until all financial obligations have been met, UPIKE cannot release your diploma or transcript.

How do I get a copy of my transcript?

You may order electronic transcripts (eTranscripts) as well as request mailed transcripts through the following link, Parchment Exchange  or you may visit the Registrar’s Office to place an order.  We do not accept requests for transcripts via fax or telephone.  Fees apply:  $12 for a mailed transcript and $10 for an electronic transcript. No third party requests for transcripts will be accepted as this is a student-initiated process.

What if I still have work “In Progress”?

Students with work “In Progress” or who have classes with grades of “I” (Incomplete) will be allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony. However, all “In Progress” work and “Incomplete” grades must be converted to official grades before the degree can be awarded.

What do I need to do if I am no longer eligible to graduate?

Students should contact the Registrar’s Office to request deferral to the following semester as soon as possible. This will enable your graduation application to be transferred to the following semester.

Students who fail to meet requirements after requesting a deferral may be required to reapply to the institution, reapply for graduation, meet graduation requirements based on the catalog that is active at that time, and repay the graduation fee.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the University Registrar.

What college am I a part of?

UPIKE’s academic programs are within four colleges: The College of Arts & Sciences, The Coleman College of Business, The College of Nursing and Human Services, and The Patton College of Education.

Is there handicapped parking & seating?

The accessible entrance to the Appalachian Wireless Arena is on the main street entrance of the building. Individuals with state-issued handicapped parking permits may drop off handicapped guests at the docking entrance and park in the designated area behind the Appalachian Wireless Arena.

Accessible seating for individuals with disabilities and one family member is available on the concourse railing. Guests requiring special accommodation or handicapped seating on the day of the ceremony should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early to receive assistance.

How can I watch if I am unable to attend?

Family members and friends who are unable to attend UPIKE’s commencement may view the ceremony via the UPIKE Facebook page.

Are tickets required to attend?

Tickets are not required for candidates or their guests at the commencement ceremony. May commencement ceremonies will be held in the Appalachian Wireless Arena.  All seating is first-come, first-serve, and arena personnel reserves the right to prohibit any item from entering the premises. All individuals and their belongings are subject to search prior to entry and once inside the building.

Can I order graduation announcements?

The University Bookstore has many products available for purchase including personalized announcements, thank you notes, announcement cover, envelope seals, certificate of appreciation, etc. to help communicate your accomplishments and upcoming graduation with your family, friends, and others who care about you. Visit for additional information.