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Transferring to UPIKE

If an international student is transferring to the University of Pikeville from another U.S. school It is important to remember:

  • F-1 students may only transfer to another F-1 SEVIS-certified school
  • F-1 students must work with their designated school officials (DSOs) to begin the transfer process if a SEVIS record meets the requirements for a transfer

The application deadline is June 15 for the fall semester and November 1 for the spring semester.

When a student begins full-time studies at a new school, the student’s SEVIS record must be transferred to that new school. This allows SEVIS and nonimmigrant students to maintain their original SEVIS ID and history. F-1 students may transfer their studies to another school under either one of two conditions:

1. During an academic program

2. After completing an academic program and before starting a different degree program or level

After being admitted to a new school through the normal admissions process, international students must then request a transfer of their SEVIS record from the previous school to the University of Pikeville. The student must also contact DSO or international advisors at the previous school and new school to make sure you provided the appropriate information required to remain in status.

Eligibility – F-1 Students

An F-1 student is eligible to transfer to the University of Pikeville if he/she is in valid F-1 status at the time of transfer. There can be no more than a five-month gap between schools from the last date of attendance. The deadline for F-1 students to request a transfer is 60 days after the program completion date or Optional Practical Training end date, whichever is later.

Steps to Transfer to University of Pikeville:

  1. A transfer requires coordination from the student.  Notify the current school’s DSO and international student advisor that you intend to transfer to the University of Pikeville.
  2. Send an official original transcript to International Student Services at the University of Pikeville. Upload the required international admission documents including passport, visa, immunization records and proof of funding (financial affidavit).
  3. All international admission requirements must be met before an official admission letter is issued. The DSO or international advisor at your previous school will require a copy of your UPIKE admission before your SEVIS records can be transferred.  Every school has a unique transfer process. Please follow the institution’s guidelines.
  4. The previous school’s DSO will enter a “release date” into your SEVIS record. The release date is usually the last day of enrollment at your current school. On this date, your SEVIS record will transfer to the University of Pikeville via the electronic SEVIS database automatically.
  5. If all the SEVIS criteria are met, the UPIKE DSO will contact you to finalize and issue a transfer I-20 form. Arrange for express mailing of the original I-20 form and the entire admission packet to their current address.
  6. Sign up for a dorm room through the housing office and choose a meal plan through the business office.
  7. Provide copies of their travel itinerary to the UPIKE’s International Student and Scholar Services.
  8. Meet, check-in and complete mandatory orientation with the DSO and International Student and Scholar Services.
  9. Pay your tuition fees and update your local U.S. address no later than 15 days after the first day of classes in order to complete your transfer. If you have difficulty with this process, consult International Student and Scholar Services immediately.
  10. You will be issued a second completed transfer I-20 form and notified by email to pick it up in the International Office. This second I-20 form is proof that your transfer has been completed successfully and that you have continued attendance at the University of Pikeville.

Traveling between schools

Transfer students may travel and re-enter the U.S. any time between school programs. However, transfer students must re-enter with their University of Pikeville I-20 and not the previous school’s I-20 form document. F-1 students must have valid visa stamps to re-enter the U.S. Transfer F-1 students can use a valid visa stamp issued for their pre-University of Pikeville as long as the SEVIS ID number remains the same.

Transfer from University of Pikeville

you must request a “transfer out form” from International Student and Scholar Services.  The PDSO at UPIKE will require a copy of your new school’s admission letter before your SEVIS records can be transferred to the new school. The release date is usually the last date of the semester. The date of your release depends on your program status. Every school has a unique transfer process. Please follow the institution’s guidelines. The DSO who signed your I-20 form will release your SEVIS record to the new school. For more information, contact the PDSO.