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Have you completed any academic work outside the United States? If yes, It will need to be evaluated by a transcript evaluation service.

All secondary education (not U.S. accredited) completed outside of the United States must be evaluated by an independent international credential evaluation. There are 195 countries in the world today, education assessments, grading and transcripts are complex. The process of grade conversion to U.S. equivalencies requires many variables to arrive at a fair assessment of individual achievement.

Therefore, to make grading scales including their definitions and distributions meaningful in a U.S. context we require assessment by a transcript evaluation service, members of the National Associate of Credential Evaluation Services-

NAIA Athletic Transcripts

InCred: If you are an international student and will be participating in a sport, be advised that our sports conference, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), requires that International students purchase an InCred transcript evaluation for eligibility decisions

International transcripts that are sent directly to the NAIA eligibility center will be forwarded to InCred for handling. Only records submitted to and verified by InCred, as well as the official InCred credential evaluation, will be used to apply NAIA eligibility rules.

  • Transcripts are a Evaluator-to-School transaction following a specific chain of custody requirement. 
  • Note that transcripts sent through the application portal are not official and will not be considered

Electronic submission: the InCred evaluator will send your completed transcript evaluation electronically to :

Transcripts sent by regular mail services to our street address location:

University of Pikeville 
Attention: Admissions/International Office 
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Evaluation Reports

An evaluation report is a description of an individual’s international education and a recommendation for its U.S. equivalency.

The transcript evaluation cost is paid for by the student. It is the student’s individual record and they should retain ownership of their academic achievements. Expert transcript evaluations are the standard academic best practice. An independent third-party transcript evaluation to verify secondary school transcripts is required.

The required transcript documentation varies depending on the student’s education status and country. Check with the transcript evaluator for country-specific requirements. Be certain that you have all the necessary documents before sending your application, as missing documents will delay the processing of your transcript. Evaluation will be sent from the evaluator directly to:

International Student and Scholar Services
University of Pikeville
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Secondary School (High School) Course Listing – is a basic statement comparability, plus a listing of classes taken at the high school level. This type of evaluation is recommended for first-time applicants to U.S. higher education institutions.

Course-by-Course Evaluation – consists of the basic statement of comparability and lists your courses (at the University/Postsecondary level) with the comparable U.S. grades and credits. This type of evaluation is usually needed for students transferring to U.S. institutions with previous university-level study from outside the U.S.

Transcript Evaluation Reports must:

  • Consider and review all necessary and relevant documents concerning an individual’s educational history – the documents evaluated and the purpose of the evaluation must be clearly stated in the evaluation report.
  • Be based on appropriate resources in order to provide the most accurate evaluation possible consistent with the purpose of the evaluation request.
  • Include at minimum, the name and location of the institution attended; the name of the qualification received as indicated on the official document or the program followed, if not completed; the year the qualification was awarded, or the years of enrollment if the program is not complete; and the major field of study, if applicable.
  • Clearly state the member’s judgment concerning the U.S. equivalency of the qualifications received for evaluation.