KYCO Continuing Education

The University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Optometry is proud to provide continuing education programs to enhance doctors’ clinical knowledge and skills of optometry.

The Kentucky College of Optometry provides both in-person and online, continuing education. All of our courses meet the state licensing requirements for the Council on Optometric Practitioner Education (COPE) or sponsorship by an accredited school or college of optometry.

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For questions or registration information, please contact Director of Continuing Education Eilene Kinzer, O.D.

Full course schedule

We invite you to attend one of our University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Optometry sponsored Continuing Education Courses below:

Date / TimeCourse/EventInstructorsCOPE# of CE HoursCostCE Format
August 6, 2020
8:00 PM-10:00 PM
Amniotic Membranes: Corneal Cases From Everyday Optometry PracticeIan McWherter, OD
Frances Bynum, OD
COPE #68532-AS
Event #119977
2FreeLive Online
October 6, 2020
7:30 PM-9:30 PM
Cross-linking and MIGSSean Smolenyak, OD
John Gelles, OD
COPE #69608-GL
COPE #69203-AS
Event #120299
2FreeLive Online
October 13, 2020
7:00 PM-10:00 PM
Retina Emergency Hotline-When to Call your Retinal SpecialistSteven Bloom, MD
Inder Singal, MD
Anupa Mandava, MD
Janelle Adeniran, MD, PhD
(Oct. 6 deadline)
Live In-person
October 27, 2020
7:00 PM-10:00 PM
Growing a Progressive Optometric PracticeMeredith Lanham, OD
Lee Peplinski, OD
Kelly Sedlock, MD
(Oct. 20 deadline)
Live In-person
November 7, 2020
9:00 AM-4:30 PM
Kentucky College of Optometry & Kentucky Optometric Association's
1 Day CE Conference
David Cowen, MD
Ryan Kern, OD
Cliff Caudill, OD
Amanda Blankenship, PharmD
Alex Hynes, OD
(5 Hours ETP/TPA,
2 Hours DEA/TPA)
$300 Live In-person
November 9, 2020
6:00 PM-9:00 PM
Impact of COVID on Eye Care Management
Macular Surgery and Floater Surgery Update
What DRCR Network has taught us about how to care for patients with Diabetic Retinopathy
Belinda Shirkey, MD
Miguel Busquets, MD
John Kitchens, MD
($35 after Oct. 23)
Live Online
November 14, 2020
8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Talley Eye Institute
November 2020 CE Conference
Andrew T. Strand, DO
Drew N. Sommerville, MD
Joseph L. Carr, MD
Monica Kalia, OD
COPE #69903-PS
COPE #69896-SD
COPE #69910-AS
COPE #69909-SD
Event #120405
4$10Live In-Person
Evansville, IN
December 16, 2020
7:30 PM-9:30 PM
Understanding New CPT Codes for 2021John McGreal, ODCOPE #70354-PM
Event #120755
2FreeLive Online
January 5, 2021
7:30 PM-8:30 PM
Coding Updates and Revised E&M Codes for 2021Rebecca Wartman, ODCOPE #69964‐PM
Event #120828
1FreeLive Online
Starting May 1, 2021Pediatric Ocular Emergencies Rachel Brown, O.D.COPE #71489-SD
Event #121308
1$30Enduring Distance Learning
Starting May 1, 2021Ophthalmic Manifestations Related to PregnancySachie Craig, ODCOPE #71642-GO
Event #121255
1$15Enduring Distance Learning
May 11, 2021
6:00 PM-9:00 PM
Talley Eye Institute
May 2021 CE Conf.
Andrew T. Strand, DO
Dwight A. Silvers, MD
Joseph L. Carr, MD
COPE #72388-SD
COPE #73276-AS
COPE #72396AS
Event #121681
3FreeLive In-Person
Evansville, IN
July 17, 2021
8:00 AM-6:30 PM
Kentucky College of Optometry
2021 Summer CE Conference
Renee Reeder, OD
Cliff Caudill, OD
Felix Barker, OD
Ryan Kern, OD
Alexander Hynes, OD
Benjamin Konig, OD
Rachel Fitzgerald, OD
COPE #73151-AS
COPE #73145-LP
COPE #73179-LP
COPE #73180-LP
COPE #73143-PS
COPE #68875-AS
COPE #73071-LV
COPE #73072-NO
COPE #73150-FV
Event #122065
(5 Hours ETP/TPA,
3 Hours DEA/TPA, 2 Hours General)
$300Live In-Person
Pikeville, KY
August 7, 2021
8:00 AM-6:00 PM
Eye Research Center
August 2021 Live Webinar
Michael Cymbor, OD, FAAO
Joseph Sowka, OD, FAAO
Greg Caldwell, OD, FAAO
Ian McWherter, OD, FAAO
Mashael Al-Namaeh, OD, MS, PhD, FAAO
Aaron McNulty, OD, FAAO
COPE #72419-PD
COPE #69294-GL
COPE #71195-NO
COPE #70575-PS
COPE #72903-LP
COPE #69979-NO
COPE #69252-LP
Event #121897
10$200 by
June 30, 2021

$250 after
June 30, 2021
Live Online
August 22, 2021
10:00 AM-11:00 AM
Eye Research Center COPE
August 2021 CE Conference
Mashael Al-Namaeh, OD, MS, PhD, FAAOCOPE #69974-SD
Event #122104
1$15 by
July 30, 2021

$25 after
July 30, 2021
Live Online
November 9, 2021
5:00 PM-9:00 PM
Retina Associates of Kentucky
Fall CE Conference
Belinda Shirkey, MD
John Kitchens, MD
Miguel Busquets, MD
Blake Isernhagen, MD
Aaron Ricca, MD
($35 after Oct. 12)
Live In-person
Frankfort, KY