Optometrists from Kentucky College of Optometry Class of 2024 begin their next chapter in residency

Fourteen students from the Kentucky College of Optometry (KYCO) Class of 2024 decided to pursue a residency after graduation and recently learned the location of the residency’s placement. These students joined other optometry students across the country in a day called Match Day, and will begin their residencies in June and July of 2024.

Although residencies are not required in optometry, they provide an extra year of intense training and education that some graduates take on to focus on specific specialties and enhance their career opportunities.

“Residency isn’t about getting that extra piece of paper in a frame on the wall, nor is it about feeling like you need your handheld for a bit longer after graduation,” said KYCO graduate Allison Petty, O.D. “It’s about being passionate about your career and wanting to give your patients the best care possible by challenging yourself and pushing your limits!”

“I am excited to further my education and fully immerse myself in the field of medical optometry. I have been able to see the benefits of residency trained optometrist throughout my optometric education, especially in Kentucky,” said recent KYCO graduate Murry Falkner, O.D. “I have the highest respect for the optometrist that can diagnose and treat multi-system disorders though looking entirely at the eyes. Here’s to continuing my training and helping my future patients!”

“I chose to do a residency because my primary goal is to provide the best care for my patients, and doing a residency was the perfect next step to continue learning and improving,” said KYCO graduate Brittany Morris, O.D. “I am honored to have the opportunity to do that through a VA, serving those who have served.”

KYCO graduate Zachary Killen Day, O.D., chose to pursue residency to further his knowledge about the diseases that affect the eyes. 

“Choosing a Veterans Affairs will allow the possibility of encountering more rare conditions,” said Day. “I know this experience will not only improve my knowledge as a clinician but also the lives of my future patients.”

The optometrists from KYCO’s Class of 2024 pursuing residencies for the next year are as follows: Hailey Caudill, O.D., matched with Huffman and Huffman Eye Care for Ocular Disease; Zachary Day, O.D., matched with Lexington VA Medical Center for Ocular Disease and Vision Rehabilitation; Mark Eaves, O.D., matched with Emory Eye Center for Ocular Disease with emphasis in cornea and contact lenses; Murray Falkner matched with Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry for Primary Care Optometry/Ocular Disease; Claire Forsythe, O.D., matched with Vance Thompson Vision for Ocular Disease; Joshua Griffith, O.D., matched with KYCO for Pediatric Optometry; Dalton McGaugh, O.D., matched with Vet Health Care System of the Ozarks for Primary Care with emphasis in Ocular Disease; Celestine Miller, O.D., matched with Ohio Eye Alliance for Ocular Disease with an emphasis in anterior segment and glaucoma; Brittany Morris, O.D., matched with W.G. Hefner VA Medical Center for Ocular Disease; Allison Petty, O.D., matched with Clayton Eye Center for Primary Care Optometry/Ocular Disease; Luke Rhoton, O.D., matched with VA Maine Health Care System for Ocular Disease; and Elizabeth Smith, O.D., matched with Salem VA Medical Center for Ocular Disease with an emphasis in Primary Care Optometry; Caroline Pasi matched with Chillicothe and Columbus, Ohio, for Ocular Disease with an emphasis in Primary Care Optometry. Joshua Russell, O.D., matched with Jack C. Montgomery and Ernest Childers VA Outpatient Clinic in Ocular Disease and Primary Care Optometry. 

To learn more about KYCO, please visit https://www.upike.edu/optometry/kyco-residencies/