UPIKE aids in disaster relief for Haiti

The University of Pikeville has partnered with International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES) in an event held on campus Wednesday, September 22, where more than 125 UPIKE faculty, staff and students volunteered to package meals to aid in disaster relief.

This service event, coordinated by UPIKE Chaplain Rob Musick, was motivated by the enormous global need he has seen each time a natural disaster unfolds on the news.  

“Each time I see a painful natural disaster, whether it is an earthquake or flooding, I always think, what can we do about such an overwhelming and massive need?” said Musick.

After local churches hosted their own meal-packing events, Musick was sure UPIKE was up for the challenge and reached out to IDES, who was very willing to partner. He invited IDES Director Jody England to set up a meal packing event to aid Haiti in disaster relief after the recent hurricane that devastated parts of the country.

“Haiti has been hit hard and is in dire need right now. I’m excited to see students eager and ready to help others,” said England. “This could be a launching pad for something greater.”

UPIKE student Preston Poag heard about the event on UPIKE’s social media and was inspired to participate and help out such a worthy cause.

“Students, athletes, med students, optometry students and professors are showing up after a tough day of classes and practice, all coming together to help the people of Haiti, and that’s a great thing,” said Poag.

With a goal of 20,000 packaged meals, Musick is proud that Bears pulled together to reach their target by days-end. IDES determines the distribution of the meals based on need at disaster sites around the world and communication from affiliated organizations. 

Established in 1973, IDES is a Christian organization offering help and hope to the world and partners with other Christian organizations and churches to accomplish this.

For more information about service project opportunities at UPIKE, email Musick at RobertMusick@upike.edu.