Focusing on KYCO 2020 – Sara Hoyek

Since childhood, North Carolina native Sara Hoyek was intrigued by optometry and recognized it as a career she would want to pursue. Today, she will be a part of the first graduating class at the University of Pikeville-Kentucky College of Optometry (KYCO) in May 2020.

Hoyek desires to impact lives in a direct and meaningful way, and with optometry, she can do just that. She chose KYCO because she realized it was a comfortable place with friendly people and being a part of the first graduating class sounded like a venture she desired to achieve.

“I have always had a pioneer spirit and paving the way for future optometry students was important to me,” said Hoyek. “There was always a bigger picture.”

Hoyek aspires to work with multiple doctors in a private-practice setting that will allow her flexibility when she decides to become a mother and start her family.

Being away from family was one of Hoyek’s most significant challenges during her time spent in optometry school.

“My family and friends have always been my biggest supporters, so not having them nearby during those tough times was difficult,” said Hoyek. “Thankfully, my friends at KYCO became like family, and we learned to support each other over the years.”

Optometry, like most health professions, is an ever-changing profession with new standards of care, research and solutions, so it is essential to be able to grow and adapt along with the changing profession.

“Adaptability is one of the biggest skills I have learned while in optometry school. Learning to adapt to new environments, people, and technology was a necessity,” said Hoyek. “I know this skill will serve me well throughout my career and help me continue to be the best optometrist that I can be.”