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Experiential Learning

The University of Pikeville mission charges us with “enhancing the educational, cultural and economic opportunities for Appalachia.” While one of our goals is to encourage our students to invest in their local communities, we also want to help students to experience the world beyond the Appalachian Mountains. In order to do this, we want to expose our students to many varied and unique opportunities, locally and globally.

Moving UP, our Experiential Learning plan at the University of Pikeville, provides institutional support for students to apply their classroom knowledge to an off-campus setting in the form of internships; professional conferences, seminars, and workshops; as well as study away and study abroad learning. Receiving a combination of traditional pedagogical training and intensive firsthand experience is invaluable to our students, and will prepare them for a global job market and multicultural communities.

In full support of the most effective learning environment we can offer, our faculty at the University of Pikeville is committed to student engagement and learning outside the classroom and in communities beyond.

Faculty and students, please apply for funding using the links below and direct any questions to the Office of the Dean, College of Arts and Sciences or to the Chair of the Experiential Learning Committee.

UPIKE Faculty Application for EL Funding:

UPIKE Student Application for EL Funding:


Students that have completed an activity funded by this committee should complete this survey:

UPIKE Student Evaluation of the Experience:

About Experiential Learning