LeAnne Epling, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

  • Office: Armington Learning Center, 436
  • Telephone: (606) 218-5018
  • E-mail: LeanneEpling@upike.edu

General Psychology
Lifespan Development
Statistics for the Social Sciences
Experimental Psychology
Psychology of Learning
Social Psychology
Psychology of Gender
Biological and Physiological Psychology
Sport Psychology
History and Systems of Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Psychology Internship
Directed Research in Psychology

Ph.D. in Applied Experimental Psychology, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan 2006

M.S. in General/Experimental Psychology, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant Michigan 2004

B.S. Major Psychology with a minor in Human Development, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan 2002

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Social media and self-esteem, improving sleep using white noise, political communication on social media, importance of quality mentoring for women.

Faculty advisor for Psi Chi, the international honor society in psychology, and the Psychology Club.