KYCOM prepares Hensley for dermatology career in Eastern Kentucky

Brookelynn Hensley, a 2013 graduate of the University of Pikeville-Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine (KYCOM), describes her personal and professional development in Pikeville as multifaceted.

“The Pikeville community is a very fostering place,” she said, “a community that you can lean on socially, spiritually and professionally.” 

As a dermatology specialist practicing with Dr. Ronald Hall at Dermatology Associates of Pikeville, Hensley sees all ages of patients – from newborns to the elderly – for a variety of skin problems. She also performs surgeries and cosmetic procedures.

Hall, a beloved physician in the area, provided valuable guidance to Hensley during her time at KYCOM, and she immediately sought him out when she decided to go into practice. “Dr. Hall was a wonderful mentor in medical school and continues to be today in private practice,” says Hensley.

Her career path started in medical school when she was mentored by Dr. Oon Leedhanachoke, a surgeon in Pikeville. “I fell in love with surgery,” Hensley said. “Dr. Oon is the one who taught me to suture and encouraged me to seek a procedural-based career.”

After graduating from KYCOM, she pursued her dermatology residency at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, graduating in 2018.

For someone so connected with Pikeville, Hensley is actually a native of Texas from a small town north of Dallas. She was brought to Pikeville by a college friend and now colleague, Dr. David Rogenmoser. Hensley soon learned first-hand how the small, friendly community can quickly become like family.

She married a Pikeville native, J.C. Hensley, a financial planner, and they are active in their church, where they teach a Sunday School class for co-ed young adults. She notes that this is another way that the community and her profession align, as there are many physicians in their class and the church. 

“This is a very faith-based community which helps to build the social as well as the medical community,” she says.

The Hensleys are enthusiastic basketball fans and avid world travelers.