UPIKE focuses on a holistic model for retention

With COVID-19 accelerating changes happening in higher education, students are making complex decisions about the college they choose and whether or not they will remain at that institution until graduation.

In response to the needs of current and future students, the University of Pikeville (UPIKE) is continuing its shift toward a more holistic and integrated approach and has appointed several new roles on campus to maintain a collaborative and engaging learning environment for students. 

“The current landscape of higher education calls for institutions to meet the needs of a changing student population with competing priorities in an increasingly complicated college experience, extending beyond initial enrollment,” explained UPIKE Provost Lori Werth, Ph.D. “The University of Pikeville believes deeply in promoting the success of its talented leadership. This team of leaders supporting retention at the institution will profoundly impact student success.”

New appointments for current UPIKE leaders include, Mathys Meyer, Ph.D., as assistant provost of retention, Megan Childress as assistant dean of student success, Chris Robinson as assistant dean of undergraduate student affairs, Beth Bowersock as assistant dean of graduate and professions and Martin Green, LCSW, as assistant dean of health and wellness. 

“Dr. Meyer and his team have demonstrated themselves to be capable, talented and creative,” added UPIKE President Burton Webb, Ph.D. “We believe this reorganization capitalizes on the growth mindset held by each of these people, allowing each of them to continue to grow and develop even as they set the conditions for student growth and success.”

The framework for the university’s growth is aimed at meeting the needs of students while giving them a sense of belonging. With a unified goal, faculty and staff are deployed in key areas to help students succeed and remove barriers. 

For more information about UPIKE, visit upike.edu or email wewantyou@upike.edu