UPIKE Announces Agreement to Purchase Property to House Outdoor Athletic Facilities

The University of Pikeville (UPIKE) announced Saturday, May 7, during its undergraduate commencement ceremony, the agreement to purchase 220 acres of land to one day house all its outdoor athletic facilities. 

The property, now known as Bear Mountain, will be home to football, soccer, tennis, cross country, track and field, archery, softball and baseball. In addition to the UPIKE athletic programs, the space plans to offer the community a playground, room for tailgating, walking and biking trails. 

UPIKE President Burton Webb, Ph.D., happily announced the plans for the property and spoke about the incredible impact this acquisition will have on recruiting and school spirit. 

“With more than 500 student-athletes across campus that call UPIKE home, this project will benefit more than half of our undergraduate student population,” said Webb. “Bear Mountain is located only a mile and a half from campus, making it easily accessible for students, coaches and the community. We couldn’t be more thankful to the Chairman of the Board, Terry Dotson, who was instrumental during this process. His commitment to UPIKE will be felt by students, athletes, coaches and the community.” 

Dotson, who has been serving at UPIKE in some capacity for more than 34 years, echoed Webb’s sentiments on the potential for this property.

“The entire UPIKE family is grateful to both Tom and Mitch Potter for their caring negotiation with the university and the valuable consideration they gave in selling this property,” said Dotson. “With each project we embark upon, UPIKE moves forward in a prayerful and community-minded decision-making process. We want to continue to shine an uplifting light from ‘the hill’ and bring improvements to our students and the region.”

Athletic Director Kelly Wells added he has already felt the positive effects of the announcement among student-athletes and coaches. 

“The Bear Mountain project has the potential to be one of the most transformational and impactful opportunities UPIKE Athletics has ever envisioned,” said Wells. “We are extremely proud of our Athletic Department, and the level of excitement surrounding this project has been at an all-time high and growing. Our coaches, student-athletes, administrators, fans, and stakeholders are extremely humbled and grateful to all involved in making this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity come to life. There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of BEAR NATION!”

For more information on UPIKE athletics, contact Sports Information Director Alek Morgan by emailing alekmorgan@upike.edu or calling (614) 381-5934.

Rendering for Bear Mountain Outdoor Athletic Facilities