Adult Binocular Vision Evaluations

The Jerald F. Combs Eye Clinic offers specialized evaluations for adult patients suffering from complaints like double vision, eye strain, and dizziness along with visual symptoms associated with traumatic brain injury or concussion.

Based on these examinations, treatment such as prisms, lens, devices, or vision therapy may be recommended to help improve vision and patient symptoms.

Call for an appointment: 606-218-5540

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We offer comprehensive pediatric care along with other specialized services including:

  • Binocular Vision Evaluation
  • Sports Vision Training
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Evaluation
  • Visual Processing Evaluation
  • Vision Therapy

Meet the Doctors:

Rachel Fitzgerald, O.D. FAAO

Assistant Professor of Optometry

Hours service provided:

Tuesday: 1:00-6:00

Thursday: 1:00-5:00

To Schedule an appointment call :  606-218-5540