Misty Asbury named Director of UPIKE’s Disability Resource Center

Misty Asbury, MBA ’11 ’20, disability resource coordinator at the University of Pikeville (UPIKE), has been named UPIKE’s director of Disability Resource Center (DRC). Asbury brings 24 years of higher education experience to this position. Throughout her tenure, she has served in various roles prioritizing student success.  

The DRC supports the university’s commitment by coordinating accommodations so that every student with disabilities can actively participate in all facets of the UPIKE educational experience. 

As the director of DRC, Asbury will lead the university’s commitment to educating and serving students with disabilities, ensuring equal educational opportunities and empowering students to be confident self-advocates for their own accommodation needs. 

“I am grateful for this opportunity,” said Asbury. “I look forward to collaborating with our UPIKE community and continuing to serve our students.”

Asbury assumed her new role on July 18.

Asbury holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and earned her Master of Business Administration from the Coleman College of Business at UPIKE, which includes education on management, entrepreneurship, statistics, use of technology, systems, hardware and software, and assessment along with marketing, professional communication, ethics and diversity. 

“Misty’s dedication and absolute focus on students and our university’s mission over the past 24 years will serve us well in the future,” said Assistant Provost of Retention Mathys Meyer. “I am honored to work with such a dedicated individual and excited about what she will bring to our combined efforts in student success!” 

UPIKE’s Assistant Dean of Graduate and Professions Bethany Bowersock is excited for Asbury to lead the DRC. 

“Diversity and innovation are strengths already in place at the University of Pikeville, and I am eager to see Misty use these strengths to lead the Disability Resource Center in providing a fully accessible campus community,” said Bowersock. “Misty’s vast experience at the university provides her with the insight to not only provide an equitable campus climate but one of belonging for all students with disabilities.”