KYCO’s newest optometrists serving through residency programs

Five students from the University of Pikeville–Kentucky College of Optometry Class of 2021 were selected to pursue a residency. The newest optometrists from KYCO learned the location of their residency placements back in April on a day called Match Day. 

KYCO Associate Professor Eilene Kinzer, O.D., M.Ed., VFL, FAAO, states residencies give students advanced clinical training, which will help with career opportunities and enhance their ability to provide optimal patient care. 

“We are excited to hear from another set of KYCO graduates about how their residency has enhanced their clinical expertise,” said Kinzer.  

For one recent graduate, their residency isn’t far from familiar. 

“I was honored to have been selected as one of the first in-house residents at the Kentucky College of Optometry,” said Mohammed Naja, O.D. “Four years ago, I began my journey of becoming an optometric physician through the guidance and tutelage of KYCO and the University of Pikeville. Their world-class faculty and state-of-the-art facility and education have helped me achieve one of my life’s goals in becoming a clinician. Having been given the opportunity to continue to learn and provide eye care in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky as a resident is truly a blessing. I look forward to the challenges ahead and am excited to provide the best care possible to the people of Eastern Kentucky.”

Other KYCO Class of 2021 residents matched at clinics and hospitals across the country where they will spend the next year honing their specialties. 

“I am very excited to continue my education and training at the Hershel ‘Woody’ Williams VA Medical Center,” said Beverly Atueyi, O.D. “Participating in this residency will allow me to learn more about ocular and systemic diseases while also enhancing the clinic skills I learned as a student at KYCO.”

The optometrists from KYCO’s Class of 2021 pursuing residencies for the next year are as follows: Beverly Atueyi, O.D., matched with the Hershel “Woody” Williams VA Medical Center for Ocular Disease/Glaucoma/Retina; Christina Huynh, O.D., matched with Hershel “Woody” Williams VA Medical Center for Ocular Disease/Glaucoma/Retina; Sarah Mahmoud, O.D., matched with Omni Eye Specialists for Ocular Disease/Refractive and Ocular Surgery; Ambrosia Makini, O.D., matched with Huffman and Huffman Eye Care for Ocular Disease; Mohammed Naja, O.D., matched with UPIKE-KYCO for Primary Care Optometry/Ocular Disease. 

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