UPIKE Research

Research is the repeated systematic process of testing hypotheses to develop theories. It can include basic science, clinical, social science or translational research and encompass testing on human subjects and animals.

Before beginning, the researcher may need to complete several certifications and gain approval from the university’s Institutional Review Board. These processes are in place to protect the participants and researchers.

For more information:

Creswell, J. W. Research design: Qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approaches. 4th Ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2014.


University of Pikeville’s Institutional Review Board

In research involving human subjects, the first responsibility is to the health and well-being of the individual. To protect and respect the individual's rights, the University of Pikeville established the Institutional Review Board (IRB), which reviews and monitors research to ensure appropriate steps are taken.

IRB review and assessment of potential risks and benefits must take place before any human subject research activity begins. Researchers cannot commence a study before receiving IRB approval or an exemption letter.
Some areas of research, such as classroom activities and institutional quality improvement, do not meet the IRB’s definition of human subject research and do not require IRB review. For a more detailed description of what does and does not require IRB approval.

If a study does require IRB approval, it must be determined whether the research qualifies for exempt, expedited or full approval.

1. Exempt – Certain human research activities may be considered exempt. Only the IRB may classify a study as exempt. IRB Exempt Categories Checklist and IRB Exempt Application Form must be submitted to the IRB for review.

2. Expedited – Research activities involving no more than minimal risk may receive expedited review by the IRB. Minimal risk means that the probability and magnitude of harm anticipated in the research is not greater than what is normally encountered in daily life or during the performance of routine physical or psychological examinations or tests. IRB Expedited Categories Checklist and IRB Full Application must be submitted to the IRB for review.

3. Full – Research activities involving greater than minimal risk to participants must be reviewed at a convened meeting of the IRB as part of the approval process. The IRB meets once a month. Click Meeting Dates to view the schedule. If a study requires full IRB approval, submit the Full Application to the IRB for review.
For questions about IRB review, contact:
147 Sycamore Street
Pikeville, KY 41501
Attn: Rita Thacker (Coal Building 717)
Phone: 606-218-5421
Review Process
1. Complete appropriate IRB application.
     a. IRB Exempt Application Form
     b. IRB Full Application
2. Informed consent documentation.
3. Data collection tools.
4. Recruitment materials.
5. NIH or CITI training for all investigators.
     a. http://phrp.nihtraining.com/users/login.php
     b. http://www.citiprogram.org
6. Research protocol for expedited and full proposals only.
7. Principal investigator CV for expedited and full proposals only.



Name: Brigitte Anderson
Title: Professor of English
Email: BrigitteAnderson@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5021
Office: Armington 454

Name: Robert Arts
Title: Professor of Education & Physics
Email: RobertArts@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5476
Office: Health Professions Education Building 301B

Name: George Asimellis
Title: Assistant Professor of Optics
Email: GeorgeAsimellis@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5521
Office: Baker House Optometry Faculty Office Building

Name: Deborah Atkinson
Title: Assistant Professor of Education
Email: DeborahAtkinson@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5615
Office: Armington 445

Name: Felix Barker
Title: Professor of Optometry
Email: FelixBarker@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5523
Office: Baker House Optometry Faculty Office Building

Name: Pierrette Barker
Title: Professor of Optometry
Email: pierredayhawbarker@Upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5523
Office: Baker House Optometry Faculty Office Building

Name: Ashton Bartley
Title: Assistant Professor of Social Work and Field Coordinator
Email: AshtonBartley@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5001
Office: Armington 465

Name: Rick Bentley
Title: Instructor of Sport Management
Email: RickBentley@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5900
Office: Academy Building 103 E

Name: Sumer Bingham
Title: Visiting Instructor of Religion
Email: SBingH00@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5008
Office: Armington 428

Name: Mark Bolt
Title: Professor of Biology
Email: MarkBolt@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5462
Office: Armington 104

Name: Boris Boyanovsky
Title: Assistant Professor of Anatomy
Email: borisboyanovsky@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5486
Office: Coal Building 815

Name: James Browning
Title: Professor of Religion
Email: JamesBrowning@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5026
Office: Armington 431

Name: Steve Budney
Title: Professor of History
Email: StephenBudney@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5009
Office: Armington 434

Name: Nancy Cade
Title: Chair, Division of Social Sciences/Davenport Distinguished Professor of History/Political Science
Email: NancyCade@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5007
Office: Armington 450

Name: Mike Carnes
Title: Associate Professor of Osteopathic Principles and Practices for KYCOM
Email: MichaelCarnes@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5449
Office: Coal Building 913

Name: Petra Carroll
Title: Associate Professor of Art
Email: PetraCarroll@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5759
Office: Record Memorial 406 B

Name: Harold Chittum
Title: Professor of Biology
Email: HaroldChittum@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5468
Office: Armington 107

Name: Bernadine Cochran
Title: Associate Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science
Email: BernadineCochran@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5463
Office: Armington 207

Name: Fairy Coleman
Title: Administrative Assistant to the Director of Teaching Education and Coordinator of Field-Based Experience in the Division of Education
Email: FairyColeman@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5314
Office: Armington 432

Name: Theresa Dawahare
Title: Assistant Professor of Education
Email: TheresaDawahare@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5962
Office: Armington 440

Name: Dwyna Dean
Title: Associate Professor of Nursing
Email: DwynaDean@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5765
Office: Record Memorial 305

Name: Karen Dollinger
Title: Assistant Professor of Spanish
Email: KarenDollinger@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5013
Office: Armington 320

Name: Donald Egan
Title: Professor of Optometry
Email: DonaldEgan@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5513
Office: Baker House

Name: Sydney England
Title: Associate Professor of English
Email: SydneyEngland@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5602
Office: Armington 425

Name: LeAnne Epling
Title: Associate Professor of Psychology
Email: LeAnnaEpling@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5018
Office: Armington 427

Name: Howard Francis
Title: Associate Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science
Email: HowardFrancis@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5465
Office: Armington 209

Name: Hannah Freeman
Title: Professor of English/Director of Experiential Learning
Email: HannahFreeman@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5014
Office: Armington 455

Name: Darla French
Title: Associate Professor of Biology
Email: DarlaFrench@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5616
Office: Armington 430

Name: Pamela Gilliam
Title: Burlin Coleman Distinguished Professor of Business
Email: PamelaGilliam@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5016
Office: Academy Building 101 C

Name: Gregory Green
Title: Associate Professor of Economics
Email: GregoryGreen@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5115
Office: Academy Building 103D

Name: Laura Griffin
Title: Associate Professor of OP&P and Chair, Department of OP&P for KYCOM
Email: LauraGriffin@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5434
Office: Coal Building 906

Name: Tauna Gulley
Title: Associate Professor of Nursing
Email: taunagulley@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5765
Office: Health Professions Education Building 301D

Name: Ingrid Herrmann
Title: Assistant Professor of Pathology for KYCOM
Email: IngridHerrmann@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5425
Office: Coal Building 818

Name: Robert Hillwig
Title: Associate Professor of Anatomy and Pathology
Email: RobertHillwig@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5438
Office: Coal Building 819

Name: Michael Holcomb
Title: Professor of Mathematics
Email: MichaelHolcomb@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5474
Office: Armington 206

Name: John Howie
Title: Professor of Psychology
Email: JohnHowie@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5006
Office: Armington 437

Name: Phillip Jen
Title: Professor of Biology
Email: phillipjen@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5479
Office: Armington Science Center 106

Name: Charles Johnson
Title: Assistant Professor of English
Email: CharlesJohnson@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5113
Office: Armington 436

Name: Antoinette Justice
Title: Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Osteopathic Principles
Email: AntoinetteJustice@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5432
Office: Coal Building 435

Name: Genesia Kilgore-Bowling
Title: Assistant Professor of Social Work/Social Work Program Director
Email: GenesiaKilgoreBowling@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5011
Office: Armington 463A

Name: Michael King
Title: Associate Professor of Education
Email: MichaelKing@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5311
Office: Armington 441

Name: Joe Kingery
Title: Associate Professor of Family Medicine
Email: JoeKingery@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5446
Office: Coal Building 435

Name: Patricia Kowalok
Title: Professor of Art; Chair, Division of Humanities
Email: PatriciaKowalok@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5758
Office: Armington 457

Name: Dawnette Marcum
Title: Associate Professor of Nursing
Email: DawnetteMarcum@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5756
Office: Health Professions Education Building 301G

Name: Jesson Martin
Title: Assistant Professor of Optics
Email: JessonMartin@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5524
Office: Baker House Optometry Faculty Office Building

Name: Chandra Massner
Title: Associate Professor of Communication
Email: ChandraMassner@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5004
Office: Armington 420

Name: Brenda Maynard
Title: Associate Professor of Business
Email: BrendaMaynard@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5005
Office: Academy Building 101 A

Name: Ian McWherter
Title: Director of Research and Senior Clinical Instructor
Email: IanMcWherter@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5523
Office: Baker House Optometry Faculty Office Building

Name: Mathys Meyer, Ph.D.
Title: Dean of Student Success, Associate Professor of Biology
Email: MathysMeyer@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5808
Office: ADM second floor

Name: Michael Miller
Title: Professor of Anatomy for KYCOM
Email: MichaelMiller@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5503
Office: Coal Building 619

Name: Robert Musick
Title: Instructor of Religion and Campus Chaplain
Email: RobertMusick@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5762
Office: Record Memorial 602

Name: Josephine Owoeye
Title: Clinical Assistant Professor of Optometry
Email: josephineowoeye@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5525
Office: Baker House Optometry Faculty Office Building

Name: Coletta Parsley
Title: Director of Teacher Education
Email: ColettaParsley@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5315
Office: Armington 432

Name: Michael Phillips
Title: Director of Bands
Email: MichaelPhillips@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5740

Name: Eric Primm
Title: Associate Professor of Sociology
Email: EricPrimm@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5041
Office: Armington 423

Name: Andrew Reed
Title: Assistant Professor of Film & Media Arts
Email: AndrewReed@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5972
Office: Community Technology Center 130

Name: Cathy Rehmeyer
Title: Associate Professor of Pathology for KYCOM
Email: CathrynRehmeyer@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5431
Office: Coal Building 817

Name: Robert Rice
Title: Visiting Asst. Professor of Communication
Phone: 606.218.5118
Office: Armington 418

Name: Darrell Riffe
Title: Adjunct Professor of Film & Media Arts
Email: DarrellRiffe@upike.edu
Office: Off Campus

Name: James Riley
Title: Professor of English
Email: JamesRiley@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5010
Office: Armington 456

Name: Howard Roberts
Title: Dean, Coleman College of Business and Professor of Business
Email: HowardRoberts@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5019
Office: Armington 450

Name: Chris Robinson
Title: Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards
Email: ChrisRobinson@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5945

Name: James Rogala
Title: Associate Professor of Optometry
Email: JamesRogala@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5519
Office: Community Technology Center 410

Name: Lois Rogers
Title: Associate Professor of Accounting
Email: LoisRogers@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5028
Office: Academy Building 101B

Name: Jonathan Schott
Title: Director of Choral Activities; Instructor of Music
Email: jonathanschott@upike.edu
Phone: 606.263.5770
Office: Record Memorial Building 403

Name: Mary Simpson
Title: Professor of Nursing
Email: MarySimpson@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5754
Office: Health Professions Education Building 301E

Name: Amanda Slone
Title: Assistant Professor of English
Email: AmandaSlone@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5345
Office: Armington 304

Name: David Slone
Title: Assistant Professor of Education
Email: DavidSlone@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5312
Office: Armington 415

Name: Ella Smith-Justice
Title: Assistant Professor of Spanish
Email: EllaSmithJustice@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5049
Office: Armington 321

Name: David Snow
Title: Associate Professor of Business
Email: DavidSnow@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5043
Office: Academy Building 103 C

Name: Tracy Soltesz
Title: Professor of Anatomy for KYCOM
Email: TracySoltesz@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5466
Office: Coal Building 821

Name: Jennifer Steigerwalt
Title: Assistant Professor of English
Email: JenniferSteigerwalt@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5117
Office: Armington 453

Name: Edward Stiles
Title: Professor of Osteopathic Principles and Practice for KYCOM
Email: EdwardStiles@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5424
Office: Coal Building 621

Name: Bethany Sullivan
Title: Instructor of Nursing
Email: bethanysullivan@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5753
Office: Health Professions Education Building 301C

Name: Linda Taylor
Title: Assistant Professor of Nursing
Email: LindaTaylor@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5752
Office: Record Memorial 307

Name: Nathan Varney
Title: Pep Band Director and Instructor of Developmental Mathematics
Email: NathanVarney@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5757
Office: Record Memorial 402

Name: Josh Watson
Title: Assistant Professor of Physiology
Email: JoshWatson@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5433
Office: Coal Building 816

Name: Phillip Westgate
Title: Professor of Music
Email: PhillipWestgate@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5738
Office: Record Memorial 405

Name: Timothy Whittier
Title: Professor of Biology and Director of Study Abroad
Email: TimothyWhittier@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5470
Office: Armington 214B

Name: Kimberly Willard
Title: Assistant Professor of Theatre
Email: kimberlywillard@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5000
Office: Armington 309

Name: Jimmy Younger
Title: Assistant Professor of Biochemistry for KYCOM
Email: JimmyYounger@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5417
Office: Coal Building 718

Name: Peter Zajac
Title: Associate Professor of Family Medicine/Director of Clinical Skills Training and Evaluation for KYCOM
Email: PeterZajac@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5429
Office: Coal Building 436

Name: Dana Ziegler
Title: Assistant Professor of Anatomy for KYCOM
Email: DanaZiegler@upike.edu
Phone: 606.218.5412
Office: Coal Building 820

Statistics is a tool that helps researchers relay the meaningfulness of the subject by organizing the collected data (descriptive statistics) and make statements about how characteristics of that data are applicable to new settings (inferential statistics). Which statistical tests are selected depends on the question to be answered.
Meg Sidle, Ph.D., director of institutional research and effectiveness, assists faculty and students with statistical analysis of their research projects.

For assistance, contact Meg Sidle at:  
Office: Record Memorial Building 600
Phone: 606-218-5290
E-mail: MargaretSidle@upike.edu

In support of the research process, IBM SPSS Statistics 24 software is installed on a set of computers in Allara Library.
Statistics text books that may be of benefit in research include:

Salkind, N. J. (2017). Statistics for people who (think they) hate statistics ( 6th Ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc. [ISBN: 978-1-5063-3383-0]

Trochim, W. M., and Donnelly, J. P. (2006). The Research Methods Knowledge Base (3rd Ed.). Cincinnati, OH: Atomic Dog Publishing, Inc.  [ISBN: 978-1-5926-0291-9]

The University of Pikeville’s Office of Advancement supports the grant writing efforts of faculty and other campus researchers. Grant writing services include searching for funding opportunities, developing proposals, developing budgets, editing and managing awarded grants.

Contact Grant Writer Michelle Goff at michellegoff@upike.edu or 606-218-5279 for help funding research interest or study.

For more information about funding opportunities, visit:

National Institutes of Health
National Eye Institute
National Science Foundation
Kentucky Academy of Science
Kentucky Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network
Ledford Scholarships
American Academy of Optometry
American Osteopathic Association

Ongoing research projects at UPIKE include:

Cataract Surgery Activity Study Name of researcher(s): Duane Corbett, Ph.D and Ian McWherter, O.D.
Project Title: Cataract Surgery Activity Study
Project Description (250 word limit): This study will investigate the effects of cataract surgery on the daily activities levels in elderly patients.
Contact Information: ianmcwherter@gmail.com
Photo: none
Accepting new research interns: no

Pseudolaric acid B (PAB) is a potential candidate for pancreatic cancer therapy Click here to view data document

Identification of Novel Signaling Pathways in Diabetic Cardiomyopathy Click here to view data document
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