Why minor in World Language and Cultural Studies?

This minor provides students with an accessible and flexible pathway to meet their individualized language learning goals. Students are able to concentrate their studies in at least one and up to four world languages. Students may enter the level of language study that is appropriate for their existing knowledge and skills, whether they are beginning to learn the language or are native speakers.

Program Distinctives

Enables students to study world languages in the most relevant way for their personal and professional goals.

Prepares students to effectively and meaningfully engage with people from different cultures, beliefs and perspectives.

Helps students make connections across different fields that can be applied to real-world situations.

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Interesting Courses


Student Learning Outcomes

As a graduate, you’ll be equipped to make positive interpersonal and business connections while promoting peace and goodwill amongst people domestically and abroad. Additionally, you’ll be able to communicate competently in up to four languages, recognize commonalities and differences between cultures and understand the importance of local and global service.

Career paths in World Language and Cultural Studies

Students are set apart in any field that requires language proficiency and global perspectives, ranging from business, the natural sciences, the social sciences and the humanities.

This minor is especially valuable for any of the helping professions, including teaching, social work, healthcare and legal advocacy.


“Being bilingual advanced my career opportunities. In the counseling field, that extra set of communication skills allows me to feel more secure in my career. In learning another language, you dive more into a culture and it changes how you perceive the world. ”



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Professor of Spanish
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