Why Major in Medical Humanities?

Students majoring in medical humanities prepare for a variety of healthcare roles. Essentially, any profession that was created to help someone who is struggling with a physical or mental health condition can benefit from this degree. Students will be competitive upon degree completion for employment in hospitals, clinical settings and ancillary medical services working in a variety of areas.

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Program Distinctives

Medical Humanities is an interdisciplinary field that applies the wisdom of the humanities to the knowledge of the medical field. Disciplines such as art, music, literature, theater, philosophy, ethics and religion complement the basic sciences in a way that builds a bridge between the art and science of medicine.

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Interesting Courses

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Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be prepared to work in the medical field with an understanding and relatability to patients’ needs, allowing for effective and efficient health care.

Career paths in Medical Humanities

Health Educator
Patient Advocate
Community Health Worker
Patient Care Coordinator
Patient Accounts Representative
Wellness Director
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative


Rob Musick, Dmin

Chaplain/Instructor of Religious Studies