Why major in IT Management?

As an information technology management (ITM) major, you’ll develop the skills necessary to compete in this rapidly changing field. UPIKE graduates will be equipped to support essential technology functions and provide management leadership in businesses. The ITM program offers a career-ready credential that students can tailor to their professional goals, occupational opportunities and career shifts over time.

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Program Distinctives

The ITM program combines core technical requirements and business courses to prepare students for IT-related careers. Through careful advising, hands-on learning, internship experiences and a broad-based curriculum with specialized courses, students will be equipped to articulate their value and succeed in the information technology field. The ITM program includes hands-on experiences that encourage students to apply their skills to real-world problems allowing graduates to enter the workforce career-ready and up-to-date on industry solutions and trends. UPIKE graduates will begin their tech-based careers ready to thrive locally and on a national or global scale.

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Interesting Courses

ITM 100 Systems Administration I
This course is an introduction to systems administration and the role information technology (IT) plays within this world. Topics include the organizational structure of an IT department, how to be a good IT employee, and basic standards that must be followed to succeed.

ITM 221 Scripting I
This course is an introduction to programming using a high-level object-oriented scripting language. Topics will include fundamental data types, flow of control, classes and objects, methods and functions, and inheritance. The course will provide experience with typical software development tools, including editor, real-time compiler, and debugger.

ITM 400 Security
This course will reinforce the security first model of other courses while exploring critical IT security principals, including least privilege, attack surfaces, web-application vulnerabilities, operating system file security models, and white-hat (ethical) hacking.

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Student Learning Outcomes

As a UPIKE ITM graduate, you’ll be able to approach problem solving with an engineering mindset, applying critical and abstract thinking, along with standards-based approaches to solve real-life challenges. You will possess the skills necessary to make ethical decisions regarding relevant business information technologies, while demonstrating leadership qualities and professional confidence. Your knowledge of computers, related equipment, and up-to-date resources will guide you in planning, analyzing and managing information technology systems to handle real-world issues and emerging trends in the field.

Career paths in IT Management

Systems Administration
IT Management
Network Administration
Independent IT Consulting
IT Analyst
Data Analytics
Cloud Administration
Systems Engineer


Praveen Guraja, M.S., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Information Technology Management
(606) 218-5265

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