Muhammad Nabeel Ghayur, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

  • Office: Coal Building, Room 816
  • Telephone: (606) 218-5422
  • E-mail:

Pharmacology I
Pharmacology II

BPharm, University of Karachi, Pakistan

MPhil (Pharmacology), University of Karachi, Pakistan

PhD (Pharmacology), University of Karachi, Pakistan

Ghayur MN (2015). Clinical Roundup: Selected Treatment Options for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Role of Community Pharmacists. Alternative and Complementary Therapies 21 (6): 284-288

Ghayur MN, Gilani AH, Janssen LJ (2012). Intestinal, airway, and cardiovascular relaxant activities of thymoquinone. Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012:305319. doi: 10.1155/2012/305319.

Ghayur MN, Gilani AH (2012). Contractile effect of radish and betel nut extracts on rabbit gallbladder. Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine 9:Article 3. doi: 10.1515/1553-3840.1587.

Abbaskhan A, Choudhary MI, Ghayur MN, Parween Z, Shaheen F, Gilani AU, Maruyama T, Iqbal K, Tsuda Y (2012). Biological activities of Indian celery, Seseli diffusum (Roxb. ex Sm.) Sant. & Wagh. Phytotherapy Research 26:783-6.

Mehmood MH, Aziz N, Ghayur MN, Gilani AH (2011). Pharmacological basis for the medicinal use of psyllium husk (Ispaghula) in constipation and diarrhea. Digestive Diseases and Sciences 56:1460-71.

Certified Clinical Research Associate (CCRA), McMaster University, Canada

University Teaching Program (UTP), McMaster University, Canada

Board Certified Pharmacist, Ontario, Canada

Community Pharmacy Internship, Ontario, Canada

Pre-Doc Fellowship (Pharmacology), King’s College London, United Kingdom

Post-Doc Fellowship (Physiology & Pharmacology), McMaster University, Canada

Drug development from natural products, Ethnopharmacology, Receptor pharmacology, Muscarinic receptors, Ca2+ channels