Why major in Secondary Education?

Teaching is more than a job; it is a rewarding career. UPIKE’s Patton College of Education teacher education program will prepare you to make a difference in the lives of students and positively impact the future. If you have the dedication and passion to pursue a career in education, we can help you reach your goal. At UPIKE, we work closely with surrounding schools and districts to design and implement a quality educator training program that will prepare you to be a successful teacher at the middle grades level. Do you have a favorite academic area or one in which you excel? Within the secondary education program, you can choose the content area that you wish to teach. By successfully completing the education program in your chosen area and becoming a certified high school teacher, you will be able to teach the content that you love and motivate your students to love it too.

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Program Distinctives

UPIKE has a rich history of training educators. UPIKE’s Patton College of Education faculty members have many years of combined experience within P-12 classrooms and are committed to students’ success. Our undergraduate teacher education program will help you in several unique ways:

Education coursework will provide you with practical, authentic teaching experiences throughout the program.

Education faculty and staff will provide a supportive environment from the time you enter the program until you receive your teacher certification.

Education faculty advisors will guide you throughout your program to keep you on target to graduate on time.

You will engage in student teaching at many colleges and universities during one semester; however, in UPIKE’s teacher education program you will be actively engaged with local schools for an entire academic year. By the time you begin student teaching, you will be well-prepared to begin assuming classroom responsibilities

You can seamlessly transition into UPIKE’s Teacher Leader Master’s program, which offers individual attention and practical experiences to help you further your career.

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Interesting Courses

EDU 415 Clinical Practice I in the High School Biology Classroom
In this course, high school biology candidates will spend 20 hours a week in a high school biology classroom observing and assisting a master teacher who has the knowledge, skills and professional disposition to enable all students to learn.

EDU 421 Clinical Practice I in the High School Mathematics Classroom
In this course, high school mathematics candidates will spend 20 hours a week in a high school mathematics classroom observing and assisting a master teacher who has the knowledge, skills and professional disposition to enable all students to learn.

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Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation, you’ll be able to demonstrate an understanding of how students learn, the instructional process, assessment, professional development, leadership and community. The undergraduate teacher preparation program at the secondary level will prepare you for eligibility for Kentucky certification in secondary education (grades 8-12). With UPIKE’s focus on hands-on experience, including a full year in a school classroom, you’ll finish the program ready to teach the topic of your choice to secondary students. Most UPIKE students obtain jobs within the year first following graduation and remain in education throughout their careers.

Career paths in Secondary Education

A candidate who completes the program in secondary education will be prepared to teach in grades 8-12. Program areas include biology, chemistry, English, mathematics and social studies.

Where Recent Graduates have gone to work or study

Graduates work in private and public secondary schools throughout Kentucky and beyond. Many of our recent graduates have gone on to graduate school and several have enrolled in our Teacher Leader Master’s Program, which is a fully online program designed for the working professional offering personalized professional development and integrated learning opportunities for practicing educators.

*The Patton College of Education is state accredited with all approved programs. In addition, we are working toward national accreditation with the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).


“I owe my career to the teacher education program at UPIKE. The transition from college student to teacher was seamless because of the training I received; I could not have been more prepared. During my time there, everyone from the faculty to the support staff went above and beyond to ensure that I walked away with the knowledge and skills that I needed to be successful. Additionally, I built a network of colleagues that I still rely on today.”



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