UPIKE students travel to Washington, D.C., for educational experience beyond the classroom

The University of Pikeville (UPIKE) sent 11 students to attend the Inside Washington Seminar at The Washington Center in January. This marks the 20th consecutive year that UPIKE has taken students to participate in this transformative experience, demonstrating the university’s ongoing commitment to providing students with unique and enriching opportunities to enhance their academic and personal growth.

Students were selected from a pool of applicants. The cost of the seminar and lodging is funded through the Fred. W. Meyer, Jr. Scholarship, named for the father of UPIKE Professor Emeritus Nancy Cade, Ph.D., who began taking students to the nation’s capital in 2004 and is currently a Washington Center board member. Participating students also earned three credit hours for the seminar after completing daily coursework while in Washington, as well as other assignments upon their return. 

The Inside Washington Seminar offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the political and cultural epicenter of the United States, gaining insights into the nation’s decision-making processes. Through engaging seminars, site visits and networking opportunities, participants have the chance to interact with influential figures from various sectors, broadening their perspectives and deepening their understanding of the nation’s governance.

Professor and Program Coordinator of Communication at UPIKE, Chandra Massner, Ph.D., led the group of UPIKE students through the week-long experience and highlighted the significance of the seminar in shaping well-rounded and informed individuals. 

“For our students, this trip is really a cultural experience. They learn about American politics, but they are also learning from other students from all over the country,” explained Massner. “Through this experience, the exposure our students get from first-hand communication and networking opportunities, can’t be duplicated in the classroom.”

Sophomore history major, Amelia Cure, benefitted from the enriching interactions with nearly 300 students from other regions of America, which contributed to her academic and professional development.

“The Inside Washington Seminar was an amazing way to meet new people and make connections. Surrounded by students from all over the nation, I had the ability to talk with them and learn about different cultures and backgrounds,” said Cure. “This was hands-down one of the best and most educational experiences I have ever taken part in.”