Why major in Leadership?

Whether you’re interested in becoming a business owner, manager, accountant, or entrepreneur, UPIKE’s leadership major is an innovative degree designed to prepare students for careers in a global business society. Graduates will enjoy the confidence that comes with a solid understanding of the complex social, cultural, and organizational issues that confront leaders in the modern world.

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Program Distinctives

With a bachelor’s degree in Leadership, you’ll develop a personalized learning style and the skills necessary to respond to various organizational responsibilities. Graduates will understand the external and internal factors that affect leaders, as well as the skills to inspire others and nurture collaborative, healthy organizational relationships. Effective communication skills, conflict resolution, problem-solving and informed decision-making are also program strengths.

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Interesting Courses

BUS 284 Leadership and Motivation Working to your potential is key to compete in today’s business environment. Motivating an employee is complex and requires an understanding of the needs, wants, and expectations of employees. In this course a comprehensive introduction to leadership and the steps one must take to become an effective leader are presented.

BUS 330 Behavior in Organizations An analysis of approaches to managing modern organizations, using organizational theory to evaluate human interactions. The focus is on small group behavior with an emphasis on leadership, perception, communication, diversity and team building.

BUS 470 Business Policy and Strategy A capstone course focusing on the integration of business principles in the formulation of organizational policy and strategy. Emphasis on managerial decision making as it relates to development and implementation by a variety of businesses, both domestic and international.

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Student Learning Outcomes

A UPIKE leadership major will learn to resolve conflicts, coach team members and make informed leadership decisions, cultivate a unique leadership style, develop healthy organizational relationships that nurture and inspire employees and understand the factors that affect positions so as a leader, graduates can excel at all of their responsibilities.

Career paths in Leadership

Department Supervisor
Operations Manager
Plant Supervisor
Business Manager
Production Manager
Project Manager


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