Why major in Chemistry?

Chemistry is an excellent springboard for a variety of challenging and rewarding careers. Chemistry is an important component in the fields of biology, earth science, environmental science, medicine and physics. As a UPIKE chemistry major, you’ll develop critical thinking skills and attain the knowledge necessary to succeed in an ever-changing and increasingly scientific world. Future chemists will play a crucial role in protecting the environment, providing new energy sources, eliminating health hazards and feeding the world. Additionally, advances in the areas of biotechnology, computer automation in chemical analysis, industrial hygiene and pharmaceuticals will result in an increasing demand for graduates with chemistry degrees.

Student creating a reaction in a chemistry class.

Program Distinctives

If you’re seeking to pursue a career in teaching, an entry-level scientific occupation, or graduate or professional school, the chemistry program will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. Courses in chemistry provide an understanding of the components and processes related to the composition and uses of matter. UPIKE is involved in national professional organizations and has received a startup grant from the American Chemical Society to start our own chapter.

Professor showing a student a chemical reaction in a lab.

Interesting Courses

Medicinal Chemistry
An introduction to Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology provides students with a concise introduction to the process of drug discovery and development from the identification of disease targets to the introduction of new drugs into clinical practice.

Instrumental Analysis
A study of the fundamentals of instrumental analysis and laboratory techniques in analytical and related physical chemistry. The hands-on laboratory course focuses on development of correct laboratory work habits and methodologies for the operation of modern analytical instrumentation.

Three students working on a chemical reaction in a chemistry class.

Student Learning Outcomes

The numerical, analytical and problem-solving skills chemistry majors develop are highly regarded by employers in many fields. UPIKE chemistry students typically gain all the requirements necessary to pursue graduate or professional degrees or immediately enter the workforce. You’ll be able to demonstrate a breadth of knowledge in chemistry applicable to disciplines of their choosing, make complex decisions, clearly communicate technical information, work effectively in teams and understand ethical standards of their academic discipline.

Career paths in Chemistry

Biochemical Engineer
Chemical Engineer
Food Scientist and Technologist
Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologist
Nuclear Monitoring Technician
Quality Control Analyst

Where Recent Graduates have gone to work or study

University of Pikeville, Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine
Morehead State University
University of Charleston
Summit Engineering Inc.
University of Kentucky College of Engineering
University of Louisville, School of Dentistry and School of Medicine
University of the Cumberlands


“Attending the University of Pikeville was one of the best decisions I made. It is an environment that has made me feel like family rather than a number. I got a phenomenal education and through it I made lasting connections. Not only did I make connections with fellow students but with professors as well. All in all, I am still proud to be a Bear.”



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