KYCOM alumni spotlight

As the Medical Director of the Primary Care Clinic and the Warfarin Care Clinic with St. Clair HealthCare in Morehead, Ky., Selena G. Raines, D.O., keeps a full schedule helping patients. As an alumnus, Raines vividly remembers how she felt walking in on the first day where her medical education began at the Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine (KYCOM).

“From the moment I walked into the doors at Pikeville, it felt like home,” said Raines. 

Her passion and calling to help others were sparked long before making the decision to attend medical school. During her third year of undergraduate studies, the attacks on September 11 occurred and Raines bravely chose to join the Army Reserve as a healthcare specialist. It was after she served with several D.O.’s in the Army that Raines decided she was passionate about a career in medicine. 

Raines grew up in Louisville but hadn’t heard of KYCOM until her now husband suggested she apply. 

“Thankfully, KYCOM was my first interview and I still remember where I was and what I was doing when Dr. Boyd Buser called to offer me admission.”

Now, Raines is thankful for the exceptional education she received at KYCOM and the mentors who inspired her. One such mentor, Laura Griffin, D.O., FAAO, professor and assistant dean of osteopathic principles and practices integration, was instrumental in helping Raines form not only her outlook for a career in medicine but for life. 

“She has a passion for osteopathic medicine that is truly palpable whenever you are around her,” said Raines. In addition to teaching Raines the principles and building blocks of osteopathic medicine, Griffin gave her sage advice that she hasn’t forgotten. 

“She showed me that if you love what you do every day, it will never feel like a job because it will be a privilege,” remembered Raines. 

Raines is quick to recognize how KYCOM helped put her in a position to match into her top-choice residency program. Overall, KYCOM allowed Raines to learn leadership, empathy for her patients and the growing needs of healthcare in rural America. 

“The tradition of leadership at KYCOM taught me the importance of being an advocate for patients, an advocate for education and an advocate for the osteopathic profession,” said Raines.