Veterans Support Services

Daniel Bowman, Specialist - U.S. Army 04-09
Thank You Veterans
We at the University of Pikeville are committed to serving those who served us. Our veterans have made tremendous sacrifices for our country, its citizens and our way of life. We believe it is our privilege and duty to provide veterans the opportunity for a first-rate education and assist them in any way possible. We offer programs, scholarships and assistance to make the transition from a military life to college student as seamless as possible. Your success is our primary mission so let us serve you. Thank you for your service!

Why Recruit Veterans
Military life is a great preparation tool for success in all walks of life, especially college. Veterans are dedicated, hardworking and disciplined individuals who are goal-oriented and driven to succeed. Veterans also bring a diversity to our campus which provides an opportunity for other students to learn from them.

Why Choose UPIKE
The University of Pikeville is the leading higher education institution of Central Appalachia. Founded in 1889, UPIKE remains steadfast in our commitment to preparing students for the future while creating intellectual, cultural and economic opportunities for Appalachia. Maintaining our commitment to Christian principles, UPIKE recognizes the infinite worth of each person, respecting a variety of religious expressions.

The University of Pikeville is located in Pikeville, a vibrant community in Eastern Kentucky. Pikeville is one of the state’s leading financial centers and was ranked as one of the “100 Best Small Towns” in America. The city offers a variety of cultural activities including festivals, restaurants, cinema and shopping centers.

The University of Pikeville offers a variety of academic programs including undergraduate, graduate, doctor of osteopathic medicine degree, from the Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine and doctor of Optometry, from the Kentucky College of Optometry as well as a wide variety of athletic programs.

No matter when you served or what branch you served in, the University of Pikeville has something for you.

Jennifer Bates
Title: Director of Student Financial Services
Phone: 606.218.5253
Office: Administration Building, Main Level

Todd McLean
Title: Director of Military/Veteran's Initiatives
Phone: 606.218.5732
Office: Armington Building, 009

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