Cost of Attendance for Graduate Programs

Students are urged to seek financial assistance early from the Office of Student Financial Services. Submitting your FAFSA as soon after October 1st for the filing year you plan to attend will encourage priority processing of your financial aid.  A chart detailing the institutional cost for the 2022-2023 academic year can be found below.

These fees are subject to annual revision.

Graduate ProgramsPer Credit Hour
MBA – Master of Bus. Administration (Online)$475
MSW – Master of Social Work (Online)$530
TLM – Teacher Leader Masters (Online)$345

Cost of Attendance

2022/23 (year)MBATLMMSW
Credit per semester*8cr6cr9cr
Semester Tuition$3,800$2,070$4,770
Room & Board4,0504,0504,050
Loan Fees707070
2 Semesters$22,730.00 $19,270.00 $24,670.00
3 Semesters$34,095.00 $28,905.00 $37,005.00

*average number of credits taken by students
**This is the total cost of attendance, which includes indirect costs that are not charged by the University but may be incurred by the student to attend classes

Federal Direct Loans

The primary loan source for students in the Federal Direct Loan program. The following are the maximum borrowing amounts for this program:

  • Annual limit $20,500
  • Repayment begins six months after graduation, withdrawal or if you drop below half-time enrollment
  • Fixed rates
  • Origination fees may be deducted from your loan prior to each disbursement
  • Not based on financial need
  • Cumulative debt cannot exceed $138,500 (includes undergraduate borrowing)
  • Cost of attendance less any financial received in an academic year
  • Student should utilize all Federal Direct Unsubsidized loan funding first
  • Credit based loan – no adverse credit history
  • May require a cosigner
  • Fixed Rates
  • Not based on financial need

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Private Student Loans

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