Will information about my complaint remain confidential?

The privacy of all parties to a complaint of gender-based discrimination and sexual misconduct will be respected, except insofar as it interferes with the university’s obligation to fully investigate allegations of sexual misconduct. Privacy will be tightly controlled on a need to know basis.
Will my parents be informed?
The university’s primary relationship is to the student, and not to the parent. University officials will only inform parents when requested to do so by the student, in a life-threatening situation or when required to do so by law.
Will the accused know my identity?
Yes, if a complaint is filed that identifies the alleged assailant. Sexual misconduct is a serious offense and the accused student has a right to know the identity of the complainant. However, if there is a hearing, the university can provide reasonable accommodations for the complainant and respondent so that they do not come in direct contact with each other.
Do I have to name the perpetrator?
No, if you are reporting the misconduct for the purpose of accessing resources or to learn about your options, then you are not required to name the perpetrator.
Yes, if you would like formal disciplinary action taken against the alleged perpetrator.
What interim measures are available to me?
No Contact Order
Assistance with transferring classes or rescheduling assignments
Safety escorts on campus
Scheduling time in the library, cafeteria, etc.
What should I do about preserving evidence of a sexual assault?
The Pikeville City Police are in the best position to secure evidence of a crime. Physical evidence of a criminal sexual assault should be collected from the person within 120 hours, though evidence can often be obtained from towels, sheets, clothing, etc. for longer periods. If you have been a victim of a criminal sexual assault, you should go to Pikeville Medical Center before washing yourself or your clothing.

Will a victim be sanctioned when reporting sexual misconduct if he/she has illegally used drugs or alcohol?
No. The severity of the infraction is a serious concern and the university does not want any circumstances to inhibit the reporting of sexual misconduct.

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