Why minor in Army ROTC?

Few programs can transform you the way Army ROTC does. Army ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) is one of the most prestigious and widely recognized leadership organizations in the country. It’s the largest provider of the framework, tools and training necessary to lead others, motivate groups and conduct missions as an officer of the Army.

UPIKE ARMY ROTC students lined up on campus for a photoshoot during flag raising ceremony

Program Distinctives

By completing the training you’ll have the opportunity to serve as an officer in active duty, the National Guard or Army Reserves. Army officers are highly sought after by civilian employers. You won’t just gain a degree; you’ll gain a career. Also, if you’re wondering about paying for school, ROTC offers a variety of ways to pay for college through scholarships and other opportunities. ROTC scholarships are some of the best college scholarships available and cover most of your education to include full tuition, books and a living allowance.

UPIKE Army ROTC students participating in rope training.

Interesting Courses

While courses help develop individual leadership and group problem-solving skills, the Army ROTC out-of-classroom labs get you active and outdoors with:

Rifle marksmanship
Obstacle courses
Land navigation

Contracted students can also participate in adventure training in airborne, air assault and mountain warfare training schools. The unique skill set and opportunities provided by the Army ROTC prepare students to tenaciously tackle the future in military or civilian life.

photo of rotc student mapping out directions during training at national guard camp

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Army ROTC program you’ll be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army in either the active duty, National Guard or Reserve components. Then you’ll receive specialized training in your assigned field with opportunities for post graduate education. Should you choose to continue, you’ll be provided the opportunity for a career of service. Through the ROTC program you’ll leave with skills to help you throughout your life, including: Leadership, Planning, Resource Management, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.

Career paths in Army ROTC

ROTC will provide you with a real advantage in the job market. ROTC provides some of the best leadership training in the world. Employers everywhere recognize the value of hiring officers with proven, real world leadership skills and experience.

As a graduate of UPIKE’s Army ROTC program you can take aim at numerous options in the armed services. You can be a commissioned officer in the Active Duty Army, U.S. Army Reserve or the Army National Guard. Each component has 16 branches that cater to multiple interests, including infantry, military intelligence, aviation, engineering, armor and medical services corps. No matter your technical specialty, as an officer you’ll have the chance to become a leader and primary decision maker for your  future organization.

Where Recent Graduates have gone to work or study

UPIKE ROTC Officers typically work in the National Guard, US Army Reserves or Active Duty. Graduates have worked all over the world, including: Afghanistan, Africa, Italy, Iraq, Korea and Kuwait. Examples of positions graduates have held include:

Company Commander
Executive Officer
Fire Support Officer
Human Resources
Logistical Field
Medical Readiness
Platoon Leader




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