Timothy Whittier, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology and Director of Study Abroad

  • Office: Armington Learning Center, 214B
  • Telephone: (606) 218-5470
  • E-mail: TimothyWhittier@upike.edu

BIO 151 Principles of Biology I
BIO 152 Principles of Biology II
BIO 300 General Entomology
BIO 325 Ecology
BIO 360 Natural History of Belize
BIO 375 Animal Behavior
BIO 412 Field biology

PhD In Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology From the University of Hawaii. 1993.

MS in Entomology from the University of Hawaii. 1989

BS Biology and a Minor in Philosophy from Idaho State University. 1986

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  2. Whittier, T. S. & K. Y. Kaneshiro. 1995. Intersexual selection in the Mediterranean fruit fly: does female choice enhance fitness? Evolution 49: 990-996.
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Insect Diversity of Central Appalachia
Lek Mating Systems of Tephritidae
Ecological Monitoring and Restoration

Director of Study Abroad