Vivek Joshi, MD, FAGE

Associate Professor Biochemistry

  • Office: Coal Building, 719
  • Telephone: (606) 218-5552
  • E-mail:


Bachelor of Medicine, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences
Bachelor of Surgery, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences
MD, Biochemistry, Kastruba Medical College and Kasturba Hospital

Effect of serum copper concentration and ceruloplasmin on lipid parameters leading to increased propensity to cardiovascular risk. Vivek R Joshi, AK Mallick, MBK Goud, R Maradi, MG Reddy, R Tey, G Shorey, RJPBCS. 2011:2;358-363.

Effect of Acute and Chronic Administration of Nicorandil (A Potassium Channel Activator) on Blood Glucose of Albino Rabbit. Vivek R Joshi, Sanjib Das, Kusai M Alsalhanie, Safeer Khan,. IJHSR. 2017: 7(5); 123-126.

Unilateral absence of short head of the biceps brachii in human cadaver: A case study. Khan S, Das S, Joshi VR.  J Exp Clin Anat 2017;16:147-9.

Impact of Cigarette Smoking on Perceived Stress and Serum Cortisol among Medical Students. Raghvendra Tey, Pallavi H, Vivek Joshi. IJHSR. 2014: 4(8); 147 – 151 11

Impact of formative assessment on the outcome of summative assessment – a feedback based cross sectional study conducted among basic science medical students enrolled in MD program. Vivek R Joshi, Sanjib Das, Kusai Alsahanie, Safeer Khan. AJMS. 2017: 8(4); 38-4

Fellow of Academy of General Education

Diabetes and its Complications
Thyroid Disorders