Ethan Fulwood, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Anatomy

  • Office: Coal Building, Room 620
  • Telephone: (606) 218-5466
  • E-mail:

Gross Anatomy
Cell Biology (Histology and Embryology)

PhD (Evolutionary Anthropology) – Duke University
BA (Anthropology and Biological Sciences) – University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Fulwood EF, Shan S, Winchester JM, Kirveslahti H, Ravier R, Kovalsky S, Daubechies I, Boyer DM. (In review). Insights from macroevolutionary modelling and ancestral state reconstruction into the radiation and historical dietary ecology of Lemuriformes (Primates, Mammalia). BMC Evolutionary Biology.

Fulwood EF, Shan S, Winchester JM, Gao T, Kirveslahti H, Daubechies I, Boyer DM. (In review). Reconstructing dietary ecology of extinct strepsirrhines (Primates, Mammalia) with new approaches for characterizing and analyzing tooth shape: implications for lemur evolutionary origins. Paleobiology.

Fulwood EF. (2020). Ecometric modelling of tooth shape and precipitation gradients among lemurs on Madagascar. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 129: 26-40.

Fulwood EF, Boyer DM, Kay RF. (2016). Stem members of Platyrrhini are distinct from catarrhines in at least one derived cranial feature. Journal of Human Evolution 100: 16-24.

Fulwood EF, Wallace SC. (2015) Evidence for size dimorphism in a fossil ailurid. Palaeontologia Electronica 18(3) 1-6.

Fulwood EF, Kramer A. (2013). Effect of size biases in the coefficient of variation on assessing intraspecific variability in the prosimian skeleton. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 152(1): 151-155.

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship – Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
NSF EAPSI Australia Fellowship – Monash University

North American mammal paleontology; Quantitative characterization of biological shape; Relationships between morphological adaptation and macroevolutionary drivers across deep time.