Department Needs

Want to make an impact on the UPIKE campus and the lives of our students? There are many opportunities to give back to the programs that have given you so much. We have collected a list of departments and their needs. If you would like to make a donation or donate an item please contact us at or (606) 218-5276.

Academics - College of Arts and Sciences

Item Price
Dissecting scopes and lights                  $1,000
Binoculars $300
Electrophoresis equipment $1,000
Micro centrifuge $2,000
Field equipment  $4,000
Mercury vapor light
Night collecting light
Generator  $700
Field trip funding $3,000

Item Price
Start-Up Research Lab Chemicals $3-5,000
Start-Up Research Materials/Consumables $5-10,000
High Performance Liquid Chromatography Ultraviolet Detector  $9,000
High Performance Liquid Chromatography Semi-Preparative Column $2,500
Explosion Proof Freezer for Chemical Storage $3,500
Chemical Storage Cabinets for Student Laboratories $1,500
Flash Chromatography Pump and Columns $2,500
BUCHI R215 R-215 Rotary Evaporator Rotovap Rotator/Mixer/Rocker $4,000
IKA T-25 ULTRA-TURRAX Digital Homogenizer Kit $1,969
Zetasizer Nano Series Particle Size Analyzer $45,000
TA Instruments TGA 2050 Thermogravimetric Analyzer $5,000
Accumet Excel XL15 pH/mV/Temperature Meter $2,141
Foss Tecator Soxtec* System 2043 Extraction Unit $21,000
Coldfinger Professional Round Bottom $5,250
Supercritical CO2 Extractor $30,000
New Research Grade Potentiostat/Galvanostat/EIS $18,000
Gas Chromatography for student labs $17,000
Bruker AC 200 MHz NMR $23,000

Computer Science
Item Price
Xbox Kinect Sensor                     $150
The Finch - Robot Type #1  $100
Parallax Scribbler - Robot Type #2 $230

Item Price
Maple computational software licenses  $200

UPIKE Athletics
Item Quantity
Riding Lawn Mower 1

Information Technology & Services

Item Quantity
Golf Cart                  2
Media Cart 4
LogMeIn Seats  

Spiritual Life
[737] Church Services
Item Unit Price
View our list of primary items on Amazon $11.00 and up
View our list of secondary items on B&H Photo $34.00 and up

KYCOM Medical Mission Team
 Medication  Dosage  Quantity
Albendazole (chewable)  200 mg  4,200 tablets
 Analgesics & Fever Reducers    
Tylenol Drops for children    800 units
Ibuprofen Suspension for children    500 units
Acetaminophen Suspension    300 units
Fluconazole  200 mg  1,200 tablets
Clotrimazole    700 tablets
Loratadine  10 mg  2,050 tablets
Pseudonephine Syrup for children    600 units
Allegra    2,050 tablets
Ranitidine  150 mg  3,000 tablets
Omeprazol  15 mg & 30 mg  3,000 tablets
Hydroxide of Aluminum suspension    30 units
Atenolol  5 mg & 10 mg 3,000 tablets
Verapamil  80 mg & 120 mg  2,000 tablets
Captopril (sublingual)  25 mg  20 tablets
Norvasc  5 mg & 10 mg  3,000 tablets
Acyclovir  500 mg  700 tablets
Adult cod medicines    6,000 tablets
Children's cold medicine suspensions    2,000 tablets
 Children's Antibiotics    
Amoxicillin (suspension)  200 mg  1,000 units
Amoxicillin/AC  200 mg/28.5 mg  1,000 units
Metronidazole (suspension)  250 mg  50 units
Trimetropin/Sulfametazol  40/200 mg  1,500 tablets
 Adult Antibiotics    
Cephalexin  500 mg 2,000 caps
Ciprofloxin  500 mg  1,000 units
Ampicillin  500 mg  500 units
Amoxicillin/AC  750 mg/125 mg  1,500 tablets
Triple Antibiotic cream   200 units
Clotrimzole cream    400 units
Elidel cream    5 units
Acyclovir cream    20 units
Hydrocortisone cream    300 units
Hemorrhoid cream    50 units
Tinaderm cream    50 units
Silver Sulphate cream    10 units
 Scabies & Lice Treatments    
Lindane AL 1% lotion    200 units
Permathrine lotion    50 units
Multi-vitamins for children (chewable)    21,700 tablets
Multi-vitamins for adults    9,300 tablets
 Eye Drops    
Cortisporin drops (Neomycin, Hydrocotisone, Polymixin B    30 units
Ciprofloxacin, Hydrocortisone    20 units
Domeboro Otic aceti acid, aluminum acetate)    50 units
Additional Items Purpose Quantity
Laser labels print medicine instructions 3
Sandwich bags  separate medications  
Brown paper bags  put medications in  
Ink Pens    
Purell (pump containers) hand sanitation  
Lotion  patient's dry, itchy skin  
Candy  child's incentive for medicine  
Large zip-lock bags with  for each patient  
   -Stickers (for children)    

UPIKE Facilities

Item Price
Genie AWP-30S Personnel Lift $8,250
Genie TZ-34/20 Towable Lift $25,000
Passenger van(s) - Team & Academic Travel  
Small Bus - Team & Academic Travel  

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