What Our Students Have to Say

Emily Porter
The Student Success office at UPIKE has been extremely helpful this year. I know I can always go there for help and advice about my school work or any other problems I may be having. Their offices have truly made my freshman year more enjoyable.

Rita Baker
As a first generation college student, sometimes adjusting to college life was stressful and difficult. However, the Student Success program always had someone who was there when I needed someone to talk to and help get me back on track. They were there for me and any other student who needed them when I was at UPIKE. If it wasn't for the help of the Student Success program, I am sure that my life would look differently. The Student Success program was there with me throughout my entire four years at UPIKE and helped shaped me into who I am today.

Brooke Branham
Student Success is a really great program with that will help any UPIKE student. They are willing to help you with anything and everything, not only school work but anything else you may need. If you need someone to vent your life with, they're your people, and if they don't know an answer they can help point you in the right direction of who does.

It's also a really good team for freshman students. I was a mess my freshman year of college but Student Success stayed on me and 3 years later, with a lot of prayer, I'm finally getting to where I need to be. It's like I'm a different person.

Scotty Turner
At the beginning of my college career, I was a less-than-perfect student to say the least. After learning about Student Success and meeting the staff, I began to better myself day-in and day-out thanks to their never-ending support. Throughout my four years at UPIKE I have battled adversity in the classroom, on the baseball field, and with matters in my personal life. Though I was faced with those obstacles, Student Success never faltered or failed to give me the help that I needed. Student Success has truly been my rock and my shoulder to lean on. To call them lifesavers would be an understatement.


Olivia Charles
As a first-generation college student, I came to UPIKE with a lot of mixed emotions. I wasn't sure how to study, what resources UPIKE had or even if I wanted to be at college! However, with the help of my Student Success advisor I found answers to all my questions. She and the other Student Success team members quickly became my second family! Three years later, I still can count on them. Whether I need prayers for a test or just an ear to listen, I can promise you that Student Success will always be there to help with a smiling face!


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