Student Concerns

If you have concerns about a UPIKE student, the Center for Student Success is here to help. Please let us know if you have any reason or concerns that a student’s success may be at risk.


Contact Megan Childress, Director of the Center for Student Success
Contact Mandy Stacy, Student Success Counselor
Faculty and Staff

Submit Retention Alert
  1. Log onto your institution’s WebAdvisor site and select the Retention Alert menu.
  2. The Retention Alert sub-menu displays. Select Contribute Retention Info.
  3. On the Find Student form enter the student’s name (Last, First or First Last) or ID number and Submit.
  4. On the Contribute Retention Info form, select the specific issue you would like to report for this student:
  5. Enter a summary statement and detailed notes about the student.  
  6. You must indicate the method of contact(s) you used. Or, select the “No Attempt to Contact” box. Click on Submit when finished.
  7. Once you submit, you will see a confirmation note about the issue you just submitted for the student.

Submit an Anonymous Concern

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